History of Panettone (panettone)
History of panettone panettone

History of Panettone (panettone)

You won’t believe it, but I’m going to tell you a story and I bet you didn’t think that was how it all started. So get a cup of coffee and let’s get started because today the subject is Panettone! That he is delicious, cute and sweet in the right measure everyone already knows, but do you know how he was created?
THE history of panettone it is a little controversial, but some information is present in all theories. Panettone was born in Italy, more precisely in Milan, during the Middle Ages. They say he was raised by a boy named Toni, who worked in a bakery. I already start to travel and imagine that these bakeries were very rustic, half dark and full of flour everywhere, you know? Some theories say that he, in an attempt to impress his beloved’s father to see if he could woo the girl, created a sweet bun – and little did he know he would be so successful out there …

Other theories say that he was a very dedicated employee and that on Christmas Eve he stayed up very late preparing Christmas treats. Among so many breads, flour and yeast, he got confused and ended up adding raisins, which would be used in a pie, to the sweet bread. To try to save the bread, the exhausted Toni decided to add candied fruits, eggs and other ingredients.
Contrary to what he imagined, his boss liked the final product so much that he even honored him. Sweet bread came to be called “Pane di Toni”, or “Toni’s Bread” in Portuguese. But as the cordless phone doesn’t stop (I miss the accent in the verb stop ☹), we started talking faster and faster and this delight came to be called Panettone. I liked this theory better, because it is cool to think that most of the incredible discoveries were created by mistake or through an error, such as the organization of the periodic table or the theory of gravity. It gives me hope that we will still discover many new things in the future!
Source: Piquiras
Panettone arrived in Brazil after the Second World War, brought by the Italians. Carlo Bauducco, who was no longer silly or anything since that time, saw that the news was promising: he invested in the candy and started selling it in 1948 for Brazilians.
Although panettone was born from sweet bread, its formulation was different from the beginning. As time passed, the recipe was increasingly improved. In Italy, the business is so serious that since 2005 there has been legislation specifying the ingredients that must be used for a panettone to be considered a real panettone. Are they: flour, salt, sugar, eggs, cream, candied fruit (at least 20% of the total mass), natural aromas and, detail, natural fermentation – nothing more! It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

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So the chocoholics forgive me, but the chocotone is located in the distant relative category of the panettone. Jokes aside, here in Brazil, as in many other countries, the panettone has an artificial panettone flavor and fermentation is accelerated, using dry or fresh biological yeasts and an increase in the temperature of the environment. So if you, like me, who already love this type of “fajutinho” panettone, stop for a minute and imagine yourself eating a traditional panettone with everything you are entitled to and preferably in Italy! Does anyone know where air tickets are most affordable?
If you’re enjoying the story and can’t wait to start kneading the dough, wait a little longer: tomorrow a full post with surefire tips to make a perfect panettone!

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