History of wedding cakes

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Of the sweetest and most colorful dreams that come to mind when she thinks of marriage, she dedicates a special chapter to the symbol that represents the magical moment of union. One, two, three layers. Will one more be overkill? Lace, flowers, bows. Or nothing – she wants it simple and classic, but with a certainty. Your wedding cake will be unforgettable and each guest, remembering the bride and groom, will feel the delicate taste of the dough in their mouths, filled and covered with a sighing decoration.
After researching the origin of the cake tradition at weddings, the bride (you can insert your name here;]) discovered that, in Ancient Rome, the vows for a prosperous life for the couple were made at the moment when the guests crumbled a cake on the bride and groom’s heads. The ingredients varied according to the family’s possessions: the more affluent prepared a cake with nuts, nuts and honey – offerings to the gods; at the simplest parties, a cake made of flour, salt and water symbolized the desire for health, abundance and fertility.
Other rumors say that in England, back in the seventeenth century, the cake was made up of hundreds of mini-cups covered with marzipan (just think of the cupcake towers and everything makes sense now). The bride and groom should kiss on the mountain of sweets and guarantee fertility.
The different layers of the cake, on the other hand, emerged from the 20th century, in British and American traditions. Each of the cakes meant a stage of life as a couple – the engagement, the wedding and then eternity. In addition, it was in England that the idea of ​​freezing a piece of the festive cake came up. After a year of marriage, the lovers celebrate the Paper Wedding while remembering the sweetest moments of their lives with that slice. The Royal family so closely follows this tradition that several couples, such as Prince Charles and Princess Diana, auctioned off a piece of their cakes in 1981. The average price? Nothing much, R $ 6 thousand a slice. Not long ago, in February 2013, a piece of Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding cake was auctioned for R $ 1,600. Made for the queen’s feast in November 1947, the cake was almost 3 meters high and was named “10,000 mile wedding cake”, due to the ingredients used, originally from countries colonized by the British empire. Among them, Australia and South Africa. (Source: Casaeventos)
From story to inspiration, here are some wedding cakes that will make you dream. Don’t forget to freeze your piece, huh?
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cake-wedding-ickfd- lindsayhuffmancake-wedding-ickfd- weddings with zsazsa cake-wedding-ickfd-peach pearl
photos: Indulgy / Lindsay Huffman / Style me Pretty / Sweet Bake Shop / Tracy James / Weddings with Zsazsa / Peach Pearl

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