Holiday: what to do?


Everyone loves a holiday, right? There are some that we prefer to spend watching movies on Netflix or relaxing at home, but I know that a lot of people really want to enjoy the day off!
How about leaving a little house on this farm?


what-to-do-on-holiday-tiradentes-danielle-noce-1 Photo – Paque Ibirapuera

It may seem silly, but going for a walk in the park with a friend or boyfriend can be a delightful walk. Enjoy cycling, rollerblading or even running. Of course with what is in Brazil it is impossible to leave without a good sunscreen!
Join a group or even your family for a different day. Then there’s nothing better than taking an ice cream at the exit, right?


what-to-do-on-holiday-tiradentes-danielle-noce-2 Foto – Pinterest

Seriously people, whoever is traveling or lives on the coast certainly knows that there is a good trail nearby. Take the day to explore nature a little more! And don’t give me any excuses, because even some cities in the interior of São Paulo have trails that lead to waterfalls – do you want something better?

Discover a new cuisine

what-to-do-on-holiday-tiradentes-danielle-noce-3 Picture – FoodieCrush

How about dinner at a different restaurant? Meeting a Thai, for example, can be surprising. Anyone who’s good at cooking can even bet on a new recipe – it’s always better to make it with plenty of time and, if it goes wrong, make it in the classic pasta!
See how much good we can do on a free day? Take a break on Netflix and explore your city more!

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