Hollywood Diet The Stars’ Weight Loss Plan

Hollywood Diet The Stars' Weight Loss Plan

Losing weight without going hungry is hardly possible with the Hollywood Diet. No more than a maximum of 800 calories per day is allowed. Little, but extravagant, is the motto for the culinary menu.

Before you go: The Hollywood diet is not recommended for vegetarians and vegans. Lean meat, fish and poultry are on the menu almost every day.

Lose weight like a Hollywood star

The Hollywood Diet was developed around 1920, a time when hardly anyone was interested in a meatless diet. Hollywood stars and starlets suggested her as a way to lose weight quickly and get in shape for new roles. The food prices naturally played a minor role here. When exotic fruits are honored with lobster and shrimp, the average consumer is of course hard on the wallet. Nevertheless, after almost 100 years, the Hollywood diet is still one of the most popular weight loss classics.


Lose weight like the stars
Get slim like the royals: this diet has it all!

Losing weight is so hard and the jungle of diets doesn’t make it easier. If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, the royals diet might be right for you. We’ll show you how it works!

This is how the Hollywood diet works

Similarities to the food combining and low-carb diet can also be found in the Hollywood diet. Part of it are, among other things, carbohydrate-rich exotic fruits that are eaten as a snack and are supposed to stimulate digestion. However, they can only be eaten two hours before and after a meal. The calorie limit is between 600 and 800 calories per day, making the Hollywood diet one of the typical crash diets and should never be followed for a maximum of four weeks.

You can eat these foods:

  • lean fish and meat as well as seafood
  • Salad and low-carbohydrate vegetables
  • Nuts, eggs and soy products

Prohibited foods during the diet:

  • Rice, pasta and bread
  • Fat, sugar and salt

Hunger and the yo-yo effect in the Hollywood diet

The yo-yo effect is one of the main arguments against losing weight with the Hollywood diet. The constant ups and downs of the metabolism mean pure stress for your body. The small amount of calories can also lead to food cravings, which can set you back while you are dieting. The high proportion of saturated fatty acids is also problematic and can lead to heart and vascular diseases. The Hollywood diet is therefore only suitable for quick weight loss. If you want to lose your weight permanently and value a healthy and balanced diet, there are healthier and longer lasting alternatives to the Hollywood diet.

Diet fish vegetables fruits

Metabolism cure
The new trend in Hollywood – losing weight with the Golo diet

Every woman who has ever been on a diet knows it all too well: the tedious and annoying counting of calories. With the Golo diet it is now a thing of the past.


Losing weight with the Hollywood Diet is quick and easy. Nevertheless, with the very low calorie intake of 600 to 800 calories a day, you should pay attention to your health. Since the Hollywood diet relies on a low-carbohydrate diet, a constant feeling of hunger can hardly be avoided. On the other hand, the high protein content is to be rated positively. Due to the almost daily consumption of fish and meat, it can increase from an average of 30 percent to up to 60 percent. The enzyme-rich diet also has a beneficial effect on digestion and increases performance. This is an important effect as you should avoid physical activity while on the Hollywood diet! With this diet in particular, you will be required to have a great deal of self-discipline, you should be aware of this during the entire weight loss process, if you stick to it with a lot of discipline, the kilos will fall from week to week by themselves!

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