Hollywood Smile These 6 foods will keep your teeth white

Hollywood Smile These 6 foods will keep your teeth white

Expensive bleaching does not have to be. Some natural foods have similar effects.

Not only every movie star in Hollywood looks good with perfectly white teeth. They make us all look better. However, nicotine, coffee or tea discolor the teeth over time. Plaque cannot be removed by brushing alone. Professional whitening is the expensive alternative. In contrast, the following foods are cheaper and much more natural to whiten teeth:

1. Pineapple

Few calories, lots of enzymes and nutrients and lots of water are in pineapples. The enzyme bromelain in particular dissolves plaque and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

2. apple

The fruit acid of the vitamin donor apple efficiently prevents yellow tooth discoloration. Biting into an apple also cleans your teeth.


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3. Strawberries

The red berries are not only great in any fruit salad or on cake, they are not only natural fat burners, but also have a bleaching effect. This is due to the small seeds we chew when we eat.

4. Pickles

What the fruit acid in apples does, the cucumber has long been able to do: remove ugly deposits from tooth enamel – without any acid at all.

5. Carrots

The carrot is good for us all round: its ingredients effectively nourish hair and skin. And not only that: The vitamin A contained in it hardens the tooth enamel and protects it from bacterial attackers.

6. Mineral water

In contrast to tea and coffee, water does not discolor the teeth. If it bubbles, the carbon dioxide provides additional cleaning and thus brightens the teeth.

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