Home garden?  Yes you can!
Home garden yes you can

Home garden? Yes you can!

Having a vegetable garden at home is the dream of many people. In addition to having fresh food, everything is much healthier, without pesticides! If you live in a small apartment and think there is no solution, you are very wrong. There are many spices that are super easy to grow at home. Prefer the ones you use most often at home.

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This table is great for those who are starting! In addition to choosing the seasoning by taste, you need to pay attention to the climate of the region and the ideal place in the house to grow. Those who live at home can plant trees – I swear it is one of my dreams!
Tomatoes, peppers, carrots … Those who usually have a lot of pesticides can go to the garden of those who have a good area for cultivation! If you want to know more about the ideal foods to have at home, have a look here on the Forbes website.
When arranging the pots, prefer a certain distance from the stove (if planting in the kitchen) and leave them in ventilated areas. It’s nice to have vases or boxes for each of the spices. When decorating you can use your imagination and bet on panels, niches, wooden boxes …

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Anyone who wants to think even higher can be inspired by this Urban Farmers initiative. I saw the Hypeness story that says that the company uses terraces on buildings to grow various vegetables. Perhaps this initiative will become more common? The terraces of many apartments are wasted and many people have good ideas!
How about giving a tip at the next condo meeting?

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