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I inherited from my family a habit of those I love most: planting. I remember my grandmother’s backyard, my godparents’ house, among other houses where there were always ornamental plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables growing. Coconut, pepper, acerola, mint, papaya, star fruit … a multitude of variations. I have always lived in apartments and never had much space for many plants. However, I have been developing my vertical garden for a while. In fact, this is one of the most popular themes: vertical garden, roof garden, green wall, sustainable planting, organic culture, each with its specifications.
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Something I don’t see being talked about is that planting has more benefits than simply harvesting food with better quality. Creating plants is an exercise in patience, a therapy. The house comes alive, it smells, the air quality improves and you are more attentive to details. And, of course, it has a lively and beautiful stock, rather than packages of leaves in the refrigerator.
I started planting mint on the balcony and gradually acquired other aromatic herbs. I even planted some trees. Yes, I planted avocado and pink mango, and when I reached a certain point, I donated it to friends who live at home. Today, I live in Recife and I have strawberry, pomegranate, oregano, sage, thyme, two types of basil, mint, mint, spinach, arugula, lettuce, chives, rosemary and I’m starting to plant tomatoes.
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Apart from all the functional benefits of an organic garden, part of the organic waste you produce in your kitchen can be used as fertilizer, reducing the waste it produces. Freshly picked aromatic herbs are incomparably more attractive and perfect leaves finish dishes with much more beauty (among other values). What’s more, they don’t consume the energy of your refrigerator and they don’t make you consume more plastic bags.
Are therapeutic, aesthetic, nutritional and ecological reasons not enough to change habits? What is missing for more people to practice planting?

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