Home remedies for cough successfully relieve dry cough

Home remedies for cough successfully relieve dry cough

A cold does not have to be treated with medication right away. Home remedies that our grandmothers already knew often prove to be just as effective.

A scratchy throat, a stuffy nose and a cough – this is how the common cold of the cold announces itself in autumn. “A cold comes for three days, stays for three days, goes for three days,” says the vernacular and is not wrong. A mild flu-like infection usually lasts eight to ten days. So if you have already been hit, you have to bow to your fate. However, he can at least relieve the symptoms of colds with proven home remedies.

Chicken soup is a must

Maybe mom or grandma made chicken soup when you had a cold. The fact is that chicken soup is not just warming and bringing back childhood memories. The hot soup mainly provides zinc, which strengthens the body’s defenses, and the protein cysteine, which inhibits inflammation and makes the mucous membranes swell.

Homemade chicken soup is not only delicious, but also incredibly healthy.

Recipe tip
Healthy and tasty: chicken soup

Chicken soup is only available if you have a bad cold? What a pity! Because this recipe proves that the classic dish is anything but boring.

Rinse nose with salt water

Granted, it is not for everyone to draw salt water into one nostril to get it back out of the other. There are extra nasal jugs that make the process a little easier. A saline solution disinfects, washes away the germs and moisturizes the mucous membranes. The salt solution is easy to make yourself: completely dissolve nine grams of salt in one liter of boiling water. For those in a hurry: A mug of lukewarm water with half a teaspoon of salt will do the job if necessary.

Onions for coughs

Grandma already knew this recipe: Cover a finely chopped onion in a jar with a lid with honey and let it steep overnight. Then take the syrup in small portions. It takes some getting used to, but the ethereal sulfur compounds in the onion loosen the cold.

Who would have thought?  The vitamin C bomb pineapple is the perfect basis for a self-mixed cough syrup.

Goodbye cold
This juice helps against coughs

Save yourself the pharmacy and mix your own cough syrup yourself. We’ll tell you how to do it.

Gargling with a sore throat

Sage or chamomile tea is good for a sore throat and disinfects the inflamed areas. Gargle tea that is not too hot for five to ten minutes several times a day. For the tea, boil two teaspoons of sage leaves in half a liter of water and let it steep for a quarter of an hour. For chamomile tea, calculate a teaspoon of chamomile flowers per cup.

Wraps against coughs and sore throats

Would you prefer warm or cold? Warm potato wraps help with sore throats, coughs and bronchitis. Cool quark compresses reduce swelling and acute pain. For a potato wrap, boil floury jacket potatoes, mash them and wrap them in a kitchen towel. Then wrap it in a towel (terrycloth) and place it on your chest or around your neck. Let it work for about an hour. For the quark wrap, spread low-fat quark one centimeter thick on a kitchen towel or on a gauze bandage, around the neck or on the chest. Leave quark compresses in the acute area for as long as possible (overnight).

Inhale for nasal congestion

In the case of coughs and, above all, stuffy noses, inhalation promises immediate relief. A pot of hot water is enough: bend your head over the pot and use a towel placed over it to direct the steam onto your face and thus onto your upper respiratory tract. The effect of this steam bath can be enhanced with germicidal chamomile, anticonvulsant thyme and disinfecting eucalyptus.

Inhaling is a tried and tested home remedy for a cough, runny nose or bronchitis.

How to inhale properly!

Cough, runny nose, or bronchitis – inhaling helps, but only if you know how to do it.

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