Home Remedy Tip Bet you will make the same ginger mistake?

Home Remedy Tip Bet you will make the same ginger mistake?

Do you swear by ginger tea when you have a cold? After all, ginger has a reputation for being particularly anti-inflammatory and healthy. But this tip makes ginger an absolute power tuber!

Ginger is a true miracle plant of nature and offers much more than a spicy aroma! Because the tuber has a disinfecting effect against bacteria and viruses, has a circulation-enhancing effect, inhibits vomiting and nausea, increases the production of bile and stimulates digestion. So it’s no wonder that ginger is the home remedy when it comes to fighting colds and the like. Because ginger has a preventive effect, but also alleviates the symptoms through its fever-lowering and pain-relieving effect.

So far so good, but ginger can only deliver all its benefits if you pay attention to a certain detail when consuming it.

This is how ginger becomes a vitamin bomb

It’s a bit like an apple with ginger: the best and most important ingredients for our health, such as vitamin C, magnesium and iron, are hidden directly under the peel. So if you peel the ginger before making tea with it, you can enjoy the full taste of the ginger, but if in doubt, the health benefits of the tuber will remain in the skin.

But be careful: If you eat ginger with the skin on, it is best to only buy it in organic quality with the said seal. This is slightly more expensive, but protects you from toxins and chemicals that can come from the remaining fertilizers or insecticides.

When buying, you should also make sure that the ginger tuber feels firm in your hand. Pay attention to the skin, it should be smooth and firm. If the peel is slightly soft, the ginger has already dried out on the inside and hardly contains the important active ingredients. Fresh ginger can easily be kept in the refrigerator for up to four weeks. The best way to do this is to wrap the tuber with kitchen paper and put it in a Tupperware box.


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Preparation of ginger tea

Preparing ginger tea yourself is not witchcraft and, since you no longer have to peel the tuber, it is now faster.

  • First you need to wash the ginger. But don’t rub the tuber too hard or you will damage the skin.

  • Then you cut off a piece about two inches in size. You can either cut the piece into thin slices or slice it into small pieces with a rasp.

  • Now you put the ginger in a cup and pour hot water over it.

  • Then let the drink sit, covered, for 10 to 20 minutes.

  • Depending on your taste, you can sweeten the ginger tea with a little honey or brown sugar.

But be careful, ginger is not for everyone. If you have a sensitive stomach, it is better not to consume large amounts of the tuber. Because the tart causes that more stomach acid is formed – hence the digestive effect.

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