Hormonal cycle uneven or shrunk? This is how our breasts change over the month

Hormonal cycle uneven or shrunk?  This is how our breasts change over the month

Sometimes they are smaller, sometimes larger, sometimes they are tense and sometimes they seem somehow unequal. Every woman knows this: the breasts don’t always feel the same. And that is by no means my imagination. In fact, the bosom is constantly changing within a month.

As is so often the case, the hormones are to blame. They influence how the breast shapes and even the size of the breasts change within the month. Of course, an A-cup doesn’t become a C-cup overnight. But the breast changes so clearly that many women can feel it very clearly.

The change in breasts along the female cycle can be divided into five different phases. These work roughly as follows:

First phase – the breasts are uneven

Around when your period starts, i.e. when the cycle starts, the breasts become uneven. You can get small bumps. Enlarged mammary glands are to blame. At this point the body is preparing for a possible pregnancy. When the body realizes that there is no child around, the dents disappear again. By the way, it can even be during this time that you feel something like knots. There is a good chance that these will go away again. You still have to watch them. If you don’t go away after a few days, you should definitely see a gynecologist with it.

Second phase – help, my breasts have shrunk

Has it ever happened to you that at the end of your period your bra suddenly felt too big? It doesn’t have to be an illusion. Because estrogen and progesterone levels in the body are lowest at this point, the swelling that has built up over the course of the cycle goes down. So this is actually the normal size of your breasts.

Third phase – the breasts become firmer again

You experience a kind of natural lifting around the twelfth day of your cycle. Then ovulation approaches and the estrogen level rises again. This makes the breasts look plumper.

Fourth phase – I have huge breasts!

Shortly after ovulation – around day 15 of your cycle, the progesterone level in the body is highest. The result: the breasts are now the most plump and sometimes even a little swollen. The breast can even look veiny and sometimes appear unnaturally large to you.

Fifth phase – something is wrong here

Sure, before menstruation you have PMS. But do you sometimes think you have a kink in your pupil? Because the right breast suddenly looks so crooked and the left one seems somehow bigger. Do not worry! This is normal and has to do with low estrogen levels. The breasts are really often unbalanced during this phase. When the period starts, everything will be back to normal.

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