Hormone Replacement Therapy If you do this during your menopause, you protect yourself from diabetes

Hormone Replacement Therapy If you do this during your menopause, you protect yourself from diabetes

Hormone replacement therapy alleviates the symptoms of menopause. A study from the USA now says: It can do even more, namely protect women from diabetes.

Menopausal women suffer from a variety of ailments. In contrast, hormone replacement therapy, or HRT for short, was developed decades ago and has since proven its worth. As with most drug therapies, however, side effects cannot be ruled out – and msome of them are even welcome. A new study by the Ohio State University Medical Center has now come across an HRT effect, according to “dailymail.co.uk”, which gives great hope. Hormone replacement therapy could therefore also protect against diabetes.

Healthy through menopause. That’s how it’s done.


Study shows
Menopausal Health – This is what really matters

The body mass index, or BMI for short, is the most important indicator of our ideal weight – and thus for many health issues. A study from the USA now shows: at least for women going through menopause, other factors are more important. The decisive factor is not the weight, but its distribution.

Balance of hormones

During the menopause, one thing in particular happens in the woman’s body: The production of certain hormones, especially estrogen and progesterone, is greatly reduced. This can be accompanied by physical symptoms such as hot flashes, sleep disorders or sweating. The psyche is also often not spared, the complaints range from mood swings to depression. This is where HRT intervenes by trying to rebalance the hormonal balance with appropriate preparations. The study by the Ohio State University Medical Center now found a side effect that was as positive as it was surprising.

This is how hormones make us happy.

Hormones - Spring Fever: A Question of Hormones

Spring fever: a question of hormones

Spring fever, who doesn’t know it? When the winter is over and nature starts to bloom again, some would like to hug the whole world. But why is it that spring affects us so much?

Study: hormone replacement therapy for diabetes

The researchers re-evaluated an earlier study by the American Women’s Health Initiative and came across a previously unknown side effect. They found that the group of HRT users had an average of 21 percent fewer cases of type 2 diabetes than the group of non-users. The answer was found in the evaluation of the so-called metabolites.

These problems could await you during your menopause – and here are the solutions!

Menopause II - Problems and Remedies

© Marians Welt; Marians Welt

The protective effect

Metabolites are intermediate products of metabolism such as glycine or glutamine, which, among other things, can trigger or at least promote diabetes. In HRT users, these metabolite values ​​were significantly lower, which correspondingly reduces the risk of diabetes.

The combination therapy consisting of estrogen and progesterone seems to be particularly effective here. In cases in which only estrogen was taken, the metabolite-lowering effect was, however, weaker. The effect was most pronounced in women between the ages of 70 and 79. The diabetes protection of hormone replacement therapy is particularly effective when the menopausal symptoms have already subsided. It could therefore also make sense to use HRT exclusively as a metabolite inhibitor.

You can also regulate the hormonal balance naturally.


Menopausal complaints
This is how you naturally regulate hormones

The climacteric is a transition phase in which the body changes its hormone production. Read here how to get through menopause relaxed and fit – without hormone replacement therapy.

The downside: higher risk of breast cancer?

However, the Ohio study also contrasts with a study published by Oxford University in August. It concluded that women aged 50 to 69 who had been using HRT for more than five years were about 32 percent more likely to develop breast cancer. The Oxford researchers themselves advise against any scare tactics, because this result may also include factors that have not yet been recognized and taken into account.

In any case, the benefit of HRT that has been carefully and individually coordinated with the doctor is beyond question. And the additional effect as a metabolite inhibitor promises further useful applications.

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