Horseback Riding with Brastemp and Finish

When I was very young I used to ride a lot on horseback playing my uncle Wagner, I loved that huge animal and I was a little one on top of him. Horses are so docile and strong animals that they have helped and still help men so far.
ickfd horse brastemp finish 1
The problem is that when I was about 12 years old, I went to a summer camp in Pirenópolis and as I was already used to riding a horse I went for a walk with a mare who seemed very docile and calm. And she went, for about 40 minutes. When I was almost finished with my tour, I don’t know why the mare shot me and ended up rearing and throwing me to the ground. The luck is that she threw me on a soft grass and kept running the other way.
ickfd horse toast finish 2
Needless to say, I never rode a horse after that. Then I met Paulo (a long time ago) and he loves to ride a horse, even competing in the drum and goal tests when he was a teenager. And every time we spend a weekend on a farm he insists that I go with him. I obviously never wanted to.
ickfd horse brastemp finish 3
But that weekend I left the dishes washing in the washing machine I got from Brastemp and Finish and went to try to ride a horse with Paulo. I will say that it was not easy and that the fear is still great, but I love these animals (they are so great and beautiful). I am in love with them and maybe one day I’ll have a good ride again.
ickfd horse brastemp finish 5

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