Hortinha de Janela – Windowfarm

Hortinha de Janela - Windowfarm

There’s nothing like having fresh ingredients on hand, straight from your organic garden! But it is clear that nowadays most people do not have the space or time to have a garden.
My case was even worse because in my apartment in São Paulo I didn’t even have a balcony to put a vase of mint for sunbathing! And growing vegetables requires that the plants have some exposure to the sun, at least most of them.horta2
Because it was by chance that I met the folks at Window Farm, who developed a very nice system of vertical farming, precisely for those who do not have space but have plenty of desire to grow their own food and lead a healthier life and still contribute for a better planet!
The company does not yet ship its products outside the US, but they have already warned that they intend to open some stores and accredit representatives in other parts of the world.
Even so, those who are not going to the USA soon (and do not have a sacoleiro friend) can take advantage of the tips from the website community, which have more than 38 thousand registered users and teach how to create (with PET bottles!) And take care of yours. “Window farm” and, the coolest thing, they even have a community with Brazilians! I’m dying to start mine soon!

WindowFarm company website – http://www.windowfarms.com
Community – http://our.windowfarms.org

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