Hotel Emiliano Brunch

In the right measure

Today’s tip is for those with a demanding palate and an uncontrolled hunger, just like me: The Brunch at Hotel Emiliano.
Emiliano’s restaurant is one of my favorite places in the whole city, but on Saturday and Sunday afternoons it gets even more delicious with the hotel’s brunch. People seem happier, the conversation is lighter and more fun and there is no right time to start or finish meals.
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With a slightly different proposal from the traditional one, brunch is at will, but there is no buffet. Upon arrival, the waiter takes the cover to the table, which has artisanal breads, a multitude of delicious antipasti and a crazy toast that is so delicious. From there, you are free to choose from any of the menu items, which are filled with several starter options, traditional breakfast items, main courses and desserts. It’s really a lot of food! Non-alcoholic drinks and sparkling wine are also free.
hemiliano3 Among my many passions at brunch special mention should be made of the benedict eggs, the wheat salad with pupunha heart of palm and the lamb shank in red wine with mashed potatoes and roasted garlic. And the desserts don’t even enter the hall of passions, they are true love! more tasty than the other. A tip: Go with friends (or very hungry!) and order all the desserts on the menu to share, because the options are many and it is really very difficult to choose. If you choose to go all by yourself , be sure to try the chocolate parfait, the raspberry mousse with pink pepper and the apple pie and earl gray with cinnamon ice cream.

hemiliano It is likely that after all If you eat (and drink) you are almost collapsing, but don’t leave without having a coffee accompanied by macarons, mini brownies of dark chocolate and mini strawberry tartlets.
hemiliano2 Hotel Emiliano is located at Rua Oscar Freire, 384. The brunch-delight starts at noon and runs until 4pm, reservations can be made by calling (11) 3068-4390.

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