House of Creators - Fall winter 2016
House of creators fall winter 2016

House of Creators – Fall winter 2016

The fashion world has always fascinated me – it is not for nothing that I am trained in fashion. For the first time I had the opportunity to watch some of the Casa de Criadores parades in São Paulo. When I was in graduation, I took care of SPFW and, as the events are very close, I never had time to go there.

Photo – FFW

The event took place in Campo de Marte between 13 and 16 October. The infrastructure is incredible, as well as some of the pieces that were paraded! The event is a “heater” for São Paulo Fashion Week and reveals several names of Brazilian fashion – for you to have an idea, Ronaldo Fraga was known at this event. In this edition there were some very cool shows, like Emicida with a capsule collection with the West Coast. I went to check out the parades of the last day, last Friday.

Chic photos

The brand that most caught my attention was, by far, Också. The collection follows the pattern of the brand in all other collections: timeless pieces, unisex and in the slow fashion style (a theme for two annual collections). Också means “also”, “equally” in Swedish. Gaucho designers (Deise Witz and Igor Bastos) are fans of Scandinavian aesthetics. They won the Rio Moda Hype award in 2013 and have been presenting their collections from Casa de Criadores for 2 seasons. The pieces are super usable (I wanted to take several and bring them home), timeless and very well finished. The looks are almost all layered – which I love!

Photos – Chic (1 and 3 – Fernando Cozendey / 2 – Felipe Fanaia)

Felipe Fanaia and Fernando Cozendey’s shows were also very good. The pieces have a more conceptual footprint, nothing very commercial. The style itself is very fun and impressive. Obviously the exaggerated look prevails, but they are great for parades. Perhaps a more Moschino footprint is missing by Jeremy Scott, who mixes concept, fun pieces and more commercial products.
This was an incredible opportunity to discover new talents and brands that can become great – and look, it’s soon.

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