How do you know if an egg is damaged?

How do you know if an egg is damaged?

Few foods smell as bad as one spoiled egg. However, we are not always able to know if the ingredient is good just by its odor. After all, the egg is not that kind of aromatic product.
For those with more practice, a simple “sniff” already solves the problem. Since this is not the case for most people, there are other simple ways to know if the egg is good or not.


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Check validity

I know this is a bit of an obvious tip, but it applies differently to the egg. Even if it is within the expiration date, always look for those that were manufactured last.
The fresher the egg is, the less smell it will have and the better it will be in recipes and of course for egg-based diets. For the preparation of a crème brûlée, for example, it is essential that the ingredient is fresh.
Oh, and there is no point buying eggs with the date of manufacture close to the day of purchase and leaving them forgotten in the refrigerator.

Floating egg

Another very simple way to know how fresh the egg is is to dip it in a glass filled with water. If it sinks completely, it means it is very fresh. If he gets a little sideways, but still remains at the bottom, he is still fit for consumption. However, if the egg floats, you can go with it straight to the trash!


Still not sure if the egg is good? Then, shake it and try to listen well. Fresh eggs don’t make any sound! If you still have doubts, break the ingredient in a small bowl to confirm ?


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