How does the Russian Sauna work? | Moscow

How does the Russian Sauna work?  |  Moscow

Moscow is a city that surprised us in many ways and that was a really remarkable day of the trip. We got up super early to visit the Red Square still empty and do some aerial images, however it was only lifting the drone that several policemen have arrived. Before 7am our day was already very busy, right?
From there we went to one of the most famous cafés in all of Russia: the Pushkin Café. The place is open 24 hours, is super traditional and has a charming decor with a vintage touch. We went to have a good breakfast there and I ordered an omelet, a croissant, a coffee, an orange juice and everything was very tasty. Paulo, as always, decided to innovate this meal and asked for nothing less than a stroganoff – which, although delicious, was very expensive!
To close this different breakfast, we ordered a classic Russian Napoleon which is like a pressed French leaf. The place is really cool, convenient for being open all day, but it is more expensive than we expected.

How does the Russian Sauna work? | Moscow

Photo: Disclosure

We then went to the Eliseevsky, an incredible market and most likely the most beautiful that I have ever entered. The place looks like a mansion and offers several options of traditional Russian and imported products. It is really impressive and worth a visit if you, like me, like to visit markets in the destinations you visit!

How does the Russian Sauna work? | Moscow

Photo: Adam Baker via Wikimedia

Our last stop was the Sanduny which is nothing more than a Banya very traditional Moscow. The banyas can be understood as spas and the one we went to is the oldest in the city (1808). It is truly a unique experience! As we filmed the experience, we had to stay in the private room that accommodates up to 6 people.
However, if you don’t film, it’s cheaper to go to public saunas that are separated between men and women since you need to go naked. We also chose to do a “treatment” with oak branches that helps to open the pores. I confess that I almost passed out from the heat because I have low blood pressure, but it was something unforgettable and very remarkable for the trip. I think it’s worth knowing ?

How does the Russian Sauna work? | Moscow

Photo: Sobarnes

And if you want to check out more details about that day just watch the full vlog down here! I hope you like it as much as we do! Aah, and stay tuned on the channel because soon more videos of our trip will be coming soon.

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