How it works with the dream weight Four women reveal their diet secrets

How it works with the dream weight Four women reveal their diet secrets

What do you actually have to eat to lose 30, 50 or 80 kilos? And then what do I have to eat in order not to gain weight again? This is revealed on Marians Welt by women who have made it.

You haven’t just lost a few pounds. Tülay, Stefanie, Anita and Güldane have lost dozens of pounds. Today they are unrecognizable. So who could know better what should be on the menu if you want to lose weight and keep your dream weight permanently? Marians Welt have revealed the diet miracles, with which dishes the kilos tumbled and what is on their table today.

One thing is clear: there is no such thing as ONE diet that works for everyone. Tülay, Stefanie, Anita and Güldane also lost weight in very different ways. For one, participation in “The Biggest Loser” 2020 was the decisive factor, for the other it was a moment of shock on the scales that finally flipped the switch, for two the diet secret is actually even bread, cakes and pies .

As different as their paths to dream weight were, they all have one thing in common: They have managed to lose weight – permanently.

They have their impressive stories Marians Welt Already told in moving interviews, now Tülay, Stephanie, Anita and Dana reveal their favorite recipes and best tricks to lose weight and keep the weight off.


Anita’s diet secret is called Low Carb. By avoiding carbohydrates, the 42-year-old has lost an impressive 33 kilos. This success requires discipline. “I eat foods that naturally have less than ten percent sugar,” says Anita and explains: “I don’t eat anything that has added sugar (or honey, glucose, agave syrup, etc.).”

For example, raspberries, which naturally contain around five percent sugar, are permitted. Bananas, on the other hand, with a natural sugar content of 23 percent, are taboo, as is corn, which consists of around 16 percent sugar. Zucchini, on the other hand, are ideal for the low-carb program with only two percent sugar.

A lot of vegetables are the main component of Anita’s diet. She eats at least 500 grams a day – preferably green vegetables. She also combines eggs, fish, meat, cheese or dairy products and good fat.

The menu includes:

  • Vegetables (up to max. 10 g carbs per 100 g)

  • fish once a week (preferably fatty varieties from sustainable catches)

  • once a week meat (beef, pork or poultry from the butcher)

  • Eggs in all variations – scrambled eggs, omelets, boiled, fried etc.

  • Full fat cheese

  • Full fat dairy products

  • Nuts, kernels, seeds

  • Berry

“Overall, I make sure to eat around 50 grams of carbohydrates a day,” says Anita, who even wrote a book about her path to becoming a dream figure. It bears the meaningful title “Slender cake – Lose weight successfully with bread and cake “. The 42-year-old knows, “By avoiding carbohydrates and sugar, the blood sugar remains very stable and there is no cravings. Good fats keep you full and satisfied for a long time. So I managed to slowly lose weight and most importantly: the yo-yo effect did not materialize . “



Diet sensation
This woman has lost 33 pounds – with cakes!

“Lose weight successfully with bread and cake” – actually sounds too good to be true. But that is exactly what Anita Thomas promises in the subtitle of her first book “Tortenschlank”. The 42-year-old is the best proof that this promise is nowhere near as absurd as it sounds. In the Marians Welt interview, she reveals how she managed to lose an impressive 33 kilos – and how you can do it too.


Like Anita, Güldane has since become one of the authors. The Hamburg native has already published two books with the best recipes from her “Wölkchenbäckerei” – and landed real bestsellers. Because even if she absolutely wanted to get rid of the 25 kilos she had gained through two pregnancies, to forego bread and cake, was and is unthinkable for Güldene. So she came up with clever alternatives.

“According to my concept, the breads and cakes should be high in protein and fiber. Only unlike the typical low carb recipes, I still pay attention to the calories and I do not forego cereals. Because cereals per se are not bad and do not make you fat “explains the successful author.

In her breads, cakes and tarts she relies primarily on bran as well as whole grains and promises, “When combined with proteins, the baked goods taste like a baker, let the blood sugar level rise only slowly – if at all – and fill you up for a long time.”



The cloud bakery
Lose weight despite cookies and cakes? No problem, as this woman shows

Biscuits, cakes and the like are part of life, after all, you want to treat yourself to something. Unfortunately, for most of us, the sweet treats go straight from our plates to our hips. But that need not be. Güldane Altekrüger from “Die Wölkchenbäckerei” has developed sweets that you can take without a guilty conscience.


Stefanie has lost a gigantic 80 kilos in three and a half years. For the mother of one daughter, it was the moment when the scales showed 145 kilos that she decided to change her life once and for all. She cut fast food and sweets from her menu and has since been on protein and fiber-rich foods.

The 34-year-old prepares all the dishes herself, as she explains: “Instead of ready-made sauces, I make my own sauces with cream cheese and spices or use a lot of soy sauce with my dishes.” Stefanie consistently refrains from using SaIz. Instead, she uses garlic, turmeric, cumin, paprika and pepper for seasoning. She only uses olive or flaxseed oil as an oil. Stefanie supplements her balanced diet by taking vitamins such as L-carnitine, vitamin C, magnesium, omega 3 as well as vitamin A, zinc and selenium.

What else is on the young woman’s menu? “I eat a lot of fish, such as fresh salmon, prawns or tuna. I also make eggs as omelets very often and vary it with tomatoes, grated Parmesan or mushrooms. I also eat a lot of sheep’s cheese,” she says and adds, “when I take cheese I often use the light products. I have bread in the form of protein bread or wholemeal spelled bread with lean sausage or cream cheese. I really only eat chicken or turkey sausage and have completely done without pork for two years. ”

The nursing assistant’s most important tip: “You should make sure that you eat food that will keep you full for a long time.” One of Stefanie’s favorite recipes, for example, is ideal for this: “For yoghurt, I always only use Skyr yoghurt, which I eat with a banana, a few walnuts, flaxseed and a tablespoon of flaxseed oil. Every now and then I add a piece of dark chocolate. ” Stefanie also treats herself to that when she grabs the craving for sweets. But: “I really only eat dark chocolate with 90 percent cocoa”, she emphasizes, but despite all discipline she admits: “Of course there are also days when I eat what I feel like, but I still have everything under it Control.”

Before, afterwards


Fight the kilos
“In the beginning it was hell”: This is how Stefanie lost 80 kilos

Stefanie Brütsch once weighed 145 kilos. Until she radically changed her life. Three and a half years later, it is an incredible 80 kilos less – and the mother of a daughter is unrecognizable. In the Marians Welt interview, she now talks about her path to dream weight – with all its ups and downs.


Tülay also did an incredible job. The 25-year-old was the only woman to make it into the final of “The Biggest Loser” in 2020. The scales showed 75.4 kilos during the final weighing of the weight loss show. That is an incredible 51.7 kilos less than the 127.1 kilos with which Tülay moved to the weight loss camp at the beginning of the year. On the show, that weight reduction ranged from 40.68 percent aIn the end “only” for fourth place.

But the Gummersbacherin won anyway – and a new life at that. “After the final, I will definitely continue to eat a healthy and balanced diet, and sport, which I now have a lot of fun with, is now part of it. I want to do more strength training to keep my body in shape and to make it happy me on my future, “she explained in an interview with Marians Welt just before the final.

And she stuck to this plan. The menu mainly includes vegetables in various forms, as well as lean meat and fish.

For breakfast there is usually low-fat quark, skyr or yoghurt stretched with a little water, with berries, oatmeal and nuts.

“I eat very consciously and take my time. I always prepare my meals fresh and use mostly unprocessed food. I enjoy creating new recipes, and the ideas usually come to me while I’m cooking,” says Tülay and explains: “With my diet, I roughly follow the 16: 8 rule with two meals and, depending on the course of the day, one snack a day if necessary.”

The long meal breaks are characteristic of the popular intermittent fasting. “I don’t have breakfast until noon, around 12:30 pm, and then have dinner again, around 7:00 pm. But over time I have developed a very good feeling, so that I can even deal with time-related deviations, for example because of different training times, I don’t have to panic. And when I treat myself to something, such as a bread roll for breakfast on the weekend, which I usually bake myself, I know how to behave “, she tells.

Healthy eating is key

And there is something in common with all four women again. They made healthy eating a natural part of their daily life. Nevertheless, they treat themselves to something, give in to cravings and know how to deal with exceptions. Stefanie, Güldane, Anita and Tülay have not only achieved their dream weight, they also keep it – and all four are sure of that – for the rest of their lives.

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