how they work and what characteristics of each

how they work and what characteristics of each

At different times in life it is common for us to feel that things are unbalanced, right? One of the first steps to understand the causes of this is the self knowledge of our body. But first, it is important to understand that the “body” goes far beyond this matter visible to us.

how they work and what characteristics of each

We are made of energy, as well as all the matter in the world. And when we talk about energy, we are also talking about our chakras. The chakras are related to Ayurvedic medicine (read more here), which seeks to find balance in each of us. But, let’s take it easy, continue reading to understand how it came about, what it is and how the chakras work.

How did it start?

Like Ayurvedic medicine, meditation and crystals, chakras are the fruit of years of tradition and culture East. Some sources say that this subject may have started around 1500 BC, others mention records in 200 BC and we still have those who study the sacred scriptures of Hinduism 2 BC

how they work and what characteristics of each

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Already in Western, the subject and practices related to the chakras arrived much later, at the beginning of the last century. Today, the research field is large and arouses curiosity – in addition to being highly sought after by Brazilians.

What are chakras?

But, what are chakras really? In Sanskrit it means “wheel / center light”. That is, they are the vital energy centers of our body and together they form our energetic aura. They can also be understood as capturing and distributing energy with other stimuli and external elements.

Each of them is directly linked to emotions, processes and specific organs of our body. That is why they have colors, mantras, also unique elements that are activators of this energetic movement.

How do they work?

How the chakras are activators of our energetic vibration and make that bridge with the other energies from outside. When you are not feeling well (physical pain or negative thoughts, for example), it may be that one of the chakras is not making this communication in the best way.

The chakras can be blocked / closed, exchanging little energy, or super hyperactive (too open). All of this causes the body to become unbalanced and it is when we hear someone say: “I think my chakras are closed” or “oh, I need to align my chakras”.

how they work and what characteristics of each

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The way is to get to know the chakras, recognize your problems and pay attention so that your energies are balanced at that point. That is, again: self-knowledge. The practices used to balance the chakras are very much based on Ayurvedic medicine, so you can look for aromatherapy, meditation, yoga, massage, reiki and / or use of the appropriate crystals.

What chakras are there?

There are many chakras present in our body, but they are commonly evaluated Top 7, which start at the base of the spine and go up to the top of the head. The definitions of each are quite broad, but it is possible to summarize as follows:

how they work and what characteristics of each

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Basic | First chakra

  • Location: base of the spine, perineum
  • Color: red
  • Meaning: it is your point of connection with Earththerefore, it is related to instincts, survival and the realization of ideas.

Umbilical | Second chakra

  • Location: lower abdomen, below the navel
  • Orange color
  • Meaning: represents the connection with the genitals and sexual. Responsible for your desires, pleasure, sexuality and relationships with you and other people.

Solar Plexus | Third chakra

  • Location: stomach
  • Yellow color
  • Meaning: it is the energy center of your self-expression, affirmation of personality and self-confidence.

Cardiac | Fourth chakra

  • Location: heart
  • Green color
  • Meaning: responsible for love we feel to others and to ourselves. Or, still, for the gratitude and generosity that we feel for the world, for life.

Laryngeal | Fifth chakra

  • Location: canyon
  • Color: light blue
  • Meaning: as it is in the throat region, it is connected to speech and Communication. It is important to keep it balanced for better dialogue and not to have difficulties to express feelings.

Front | Sixth chakra

  • Location: forehead, third eye
  • Color: indigo blue
  • Meaning: as it is above the eyes, it represents our other look at the universe, it is the chakra of intuition.

Coronary | Seventh chakra

  • Location: top of head
  • Violet color
  • Meaning: as it is opposite the basic chakra, which has a connection with the Earth, the seventh chakra is our point of connection with the world spiritual.


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