How to Add a Sporty Touch to the Look?

How to Add a Sporty Touch to the Look?

That sports looks are on the rise is nothing new, but not everyone can insert this trend into the wardrobe. That’s because we see many references Street and that don’t seem to have much to do with our personal style, but it does bring a bit of that modern footprint to the most basic and even sophisticated looks.
To help those who are also struggling to put a sporting touch on production without looking “too dressed up”, I decided to talk about 5 pieces that can help you a lot at this time ?


The simplest way to leave the look with a sporty touch is to exchange the most sophisticated shoes for a sneaker – and not just those more casual white ones, okay? Currently, models with springs, fabric and heavier are very high. If I were you, I would start with the monochrome nudes, black and white.
Of course, the more exaggerated and colorful models also enter the trend, but these pieces have a more footprint Street and combine with a more visual sport same.

Pants with Side Stripes

How to Add a Sporty Touch to the Look?

Photos: Mujer de 10 and Not Your Standard via Bloglovin ‘

Remember that classic black and white sweatshirt with side stripes? Well, it can yield countless looks that go far beyond the sports outfit. They obviously look great with sneakers, but they can also be used with 2-strap sandals and pumps for a more elegant look. This mix of styles is super cool ?
In addition to these classic models, nowadays you can find pants with side stripes of the most varied fabrics: tailoring, jeans, mesh… Just being in a different material, the look already gains more style, right?

Bomber Jacket

Speaking of different materials, I couldn’t stop talking about bombers! Third pieces, in general, are great ways to change the look with little. Take advantage of the cold days coming to invest in a model with your face. The bomber has already become a classic in the wardrobe and, as it appears in various fabrics, they go well in almost every production.
The models college, more classic, yield great basic looks with white t-shirt and jeans, for example. However, bombers also appear in sequins, velvet, plush, with embroidery… There are countless possibilities!


A few years ago I doubted that I would use croppeds in my everyday looks, but nowadays this is one of the pieces I use the most. I think the same thing will happen with the tops, after all, at first we might be surprised to use a gym piece in more casual productions. However, there are so many, but so many ways to insert the piece into the look that you will hardly resist.
The easiest and most “usable” way is with very high-waisted trousers – which you probably already have in the closet – and a third oversized garment: blazer, denim jacket, bomber … There is no shortage of alternatives! Another cool way to use the piece is by making overlays. You can either wear the top under a transparent T-shirt or a small screen, or under a more jumpsuit or dress cav


How to Add a Sporty Touch to the Look?

Photos: Pinterest and Fashion Trends

I’ve already posted about socks here on the site and, yes, they have everything! The models of medium pipes always bring that more sporty vibe to the look and, if I were you, I would bet on the most basic pieces of cotton with details in stripes. The “old school” models are relatively easy to use on a daily basis with sneakers and even short boots.

Where to find?

Did you see how with just one of these pieces you can adapt the trend to your personal style? I hope you liked the suggestions ?
How to Add a Sporty Touch to the Look?
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3- Adidas Originals SC Black Pants in Dafiti – R $ 279.99
4- Orange Crossed Memo Top at Dafiti- R $ 199.90
5- Shoulder Sweatshirt Bomber Jacket – R $ 399.00
6- Wine Mesh Pants with AMARO Mooring – R $ 179.90
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