How to be a tourist in the city itself? 4 Tips to put into practice Now!

How to be a tourist in the city itself?  4 Tips to put into practice Now!

Truth be told: we are always on autopilot when we walk through our own city. After all, we are used to observing the different only when we go to a completely new place. However, this is a habit that we should all have, even where we live.
For this reason, we have created some special tips for everyone to be tourist in the city itself – at least for a day. Believe it or not, but there are many places we don’t know and are worth a visit ?

Set aside a day or two for this

stairway of the dancers
Whenever we are planning a trip, we think about how much time we will spend in that place. Especially because, all programming depends on it. Therefore, booking at least a day or two just to tour the city is essential.
Think you are on a mini vacation and immerse yourself in the local culture. If given the opportunity, it would be interesting even to stay in a hotel to have the complete experience of a tourist. What do you think of the idea?

Get out of the comfort zone

Sao Paulo

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We live in a bubble during our day-to-day lives. We go to the same places, do the same paths and talk to the same people. To break this pattern of repetitions, explore the regions that you don’t usually go to. Get to know unlikely places, learning about the city in a more stimulating way.
This tip also applies to the gastronomic tourism. Look for restaurants with more eccentric cuisines. Try street food from each place. They are looking for new experiences. Imagine that this is your first time in a completely new destination.

Search a lot

coffee in sao paulo
Like any good tourist and traveler, research as much as you can about the destination. See what are the best accommodation options, the best rated restaurants, where are the main tourist spots and how to get between each of them.
Information such as the opening hours of the places and the best time to go to each one of them are also extremely important for a productive day. That is, write it all down in a notebook or on your cell phone’s notepad!

Create a script

travel itinerary

Photo: oxana x

After all the research work, put on paper the places that you really want to visit. In fact, here on the site we already teach how to put together a travel itinerary very complete. Oh, and don’t forget that the script is just a guide and it doesn’t have to be followed 100% of the time. Don’t cling to him ?
Prepared to see your city from another point of view?

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