How to Build a Travel Guide?

How to Build a Travel Guide?

December is just around the corner and I know a lot of people are already dreaming of their holidays! If that is your case, it is clear that some points can make your life in destiny too easy. Paulo and I have learned a lot in the last few years and, incredible as it may seem, the most important of all is that you are open to possibilities. Unforeseen events can and often will happen and for that reason you need to have a flexible script, after all, no one deserves to have the minutes timed on each of the tours.
To make your life easier and help to put together good itineraries for any type of trip, Paulo and I have some tips that may seem obvious to some, but that make all the difference!


How to Build a Travel Guide?

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After setting the date, the destination of the trip and checking the necessary documentation (I already gave some tips together with Ju Goes here), begins one of my favorite parts: the search! I almost always start looking for places that I really want to visit without filtering anything. Here anything goes: search on specialized sites, blogs, YouTube channels, instagram, books, documentaries, movies and even get tips from friends who have already been to the place.
Usually, when you choose a particular destination it is because you already know or have seen something about it, then write down everything you would like to do in an ideal setting. It is also worth making some observations about opening hours and prices to facilitate the next steps.


How to Build a Travel Guide?

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After that wonderful part of the dream, you need to put your feet on the ground and start to see what will or will not be possible. Do you want to visit a park, but it is too far from the city center? Perhaps it is not the time to visit him. I think it’s cool to put the addresses of the attractions that I would like to visit in a pre-script on My Maps (I already talked more about it here in this post). That way, you get a better sense of the coolest regions of the destination city / country.
From there, you can also find better hotel locations and remove those attractions that are far away that may not be so essential.
Another crucial point at this point is to define what fits your budget. Search more or less the price of that restaurant that you saw on someone’s instagram and take a look if, inside your expenses, you will be able to rent a motorboat to make that incredible tour that you found in the searches. If not, I’m sure you will find other incredible alternatives within your budget.


How to Build a Travel Guide?

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Paulo and I almost never leave with a very well-defined script, but it is clear that some points are important to plan in advance. Remember I told you to write down the opening hours of the attractions? From there you can see what you can do on each day. Try to visit nearby spots on the same day to get more out of it. Remember to consider the travel time between the points and always leave some free time to enjoy each walk and get lost in the streets of the region.
If you are planning a road trip, be sure to mark stopping points on the route to eat, sleep or fuel. In this specific case of travel, it is worth taking a look at the other tips I already gave here on the blog.
It is also at this time of planning that you need to make reservations for tours and restaurants that are usually fuller. Buying tickets for plays and / or shows in advance is also super important.


How to Build a Travel Guide?

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Apart from the reservations for hotels, tours and attractions that have already been paid for, everything is flexible! Just as time can change from one hour to another, you may also want to stay longer at one of the points. Do not deprive yourself of staying in a super nice place just because you put in the script that you wanted to visit a confectionery x that closes at 6 pm, ok? Each trip is unique precisely because it is your perception and your taste that transform the experience on the spot.
Here on the blog you will find itineraries for many destinations and travel tips! Have more post suggestions or want to give more tips on how to put together a script? Leave it here in the comments!

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