How to choose a good suitcase

How to choose a good suitcase


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Anyone who travels a lot already knows that you can’t play with any suitcase. The bags have to be good, structured and of high quality so they don’t break at the airports – which happens a lot!
I, in particular, prefer the rigid ones, as they protect more the parts that can break. Also, when I come back from a trip with something fragile, I ask them to wrap it very well in bubble wrap and put it rolled up in their clothes. Electronic devices always go in my handbag so we don’t run the risk of losing or breaking them.

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Another very important thing is the adjustable handles and in good condition! Nobody deserves to carry a “broken” handbag. The wheels that rotate 360º help a lot when pushing bags at the airport and, for me, they are indispensable.
Suitcases are expensive, but worth the investment! I really like Brics (I used it here) and the famous Eminent (there are some multi-brands that resell in Brazil, but you can also order from Amazon, Mercado Livre, Buscapé, among others).

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Another very important thing is the lock – there are some that already have built-in. If your bag doesn’t have it, you need to buy it! I always like to keep things locked up in hotel rooms or houses I stay in – maybe it’s a craze! A card with your name also makes identification very easy (even a sticker and a ribbon can help)!
I selected some beautiful and very practical ones!

  1. Big red suitcase YOURI by Kipling | R $ 1,299.00
  2. Large (76CM) Spin Air Travel Bag at Samsonite | R $ 750.00
  3. Centurion Conection Tam.M bag at Dezak | R $ 239.99
  4. Ronato Large Smart Bag | R $ 729.33
  5. Brugge P, M and G – Camel case kit in Le Postiche | R $ 719.99

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