How to Choose the Best Hotel for Your Trip

How to Choose the Best Hotel for Your Trip

Doubts at the time choose the best hotel? This is one of the main topics of planning any and all trips, and requires great care so that the choice is well made. In order to avoid possible mishaps and some punctures, we need to decide the accommodation very carefully and after several researches.
Thinking to help you in this step, we will share some very basic tips so that the hotel selection is made in a more conscious way!

Travel style

How to Choose the Best Hotel for Your Trip

The Kinney – Venice Beach

We all have different personalities and tastes. Consequently, choices when planning a trip often follow these preference patterns – in addition to, of course, the money we are willing to spend.
Paulo and I, for example, love to stay in boutique hotels. They tend to be more stylish and have differentiated services. On the other hand, many people care only about the comfort of the room, without paying much attention to decoration and things like that. So, understand your style to be able to define the best type of accommodation for you.


How to Choose the Best Hotel for Your Trip

Hotel Villa Amazônia

Before hitting the hammer on the final decision of which hotel to stay, do some research on its infrastructure. See if it has a pool, gym, sauna, spas and other possible additional services. Those who travel with children usually value swimming pools. After all, it is a great place to relax after a day full of walks and hikes. In colder destinations, the heated pool becomes almost a priority!
However, if you plan to spend just the night at the hotel and enjoy the rest of the day exploring the region, areas like this no longer make much difference. That is, it is possible to choose a cheaper hotel that does not have these common areas.

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How to Choose the Best Hotel for Your Trip

Photo: Nicole Honeywill

One of the most precious advices of all and that must be followed to the letter: read several reviews and comments about the hotel – and from different websites! Obviously, the accommodation will look like paradise in photos taken by the company itself. So it is essential to look for what old guests are saying about the place in order to choose the best hotel possible.
Often the environments can even be the same as in the photos, but the cleaning service, for example, leaves something to be desired. Oh, and it is necessary to assess when the complaints are about occasional occurrences or real problems with the hotel. Sometimes the person ended up having no luck in one day and the experience was bad. Read, interpret and draw your own conclusions ?

Know your priorities

How to Choose the Best Hotel for Your Trip
Your priorities should be based on your travel style and the hotel’s infrastructure. Think of everything that is important to you and put it on paper. Breakfast, for example, is not served everywhere. If this is very important to you, remove all places without this meal from the list.
For the elderly and small children, it is also important that the hotel has ramps or elevators. Especially because climbing many stairs ends up being a complicated task in some cases. Location is also another point that must be taken very seriously, but we will talk about it in the next topic.

Study the location

How to Choose the Best Hotel for Your Trip
Do you know when you find a great hotel at a super cheap price? Pay close attention to his location! Many times the accommodations are far from the tourist centers and with difficult access to public transport, making the daily rate much more affordable when compared to other hotels.
If you don’t care about that kind of thing, then go ahead. But, for those who want to save on transportation, hotels like this are a bore. Be sure to also look for the security of the neighborhood and the facilities around it, such as bus and metro stops, restaurants and grocery stores.
Ready to make no mistake in choosing the best hotel? Also comment on your tips and what you usually do to escape misleading advertisements ?

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