How to Choose the Best Kitchen Knife

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Knife

As much as this seems like a silly detail, the type of kitchen knife used makes all the difference in the result of cutting the food. And besides the size and shape, you also need to keep an eye on the material of the utensils!
Both when preparing and also when cutting a ready-made savory and dessert, it is essential that the knife has a precise and safe cut. Thinking about it, here are some tips on how to choose the ideal knife ?

Blade position

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First of all, you must be aware of the position of the blade. Ideally, it should go through the entire cable. That is, it must be integrated and forged from the beginning of the cable. Therefore, avoid those utensils where the blade starts only near the end of the base. This will ensure even greater precision and durability.


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Everyone has heard that expression “cheap is expensive”, right? This popular saying is very well applied in several situations, including the purchase of a good kitchen knife. We are often tempted by unbelievable promotions and end up buying an inferior utensil. To prevent this from happening, always read the product description well and see what are the materials that make it up.
In the case of knives, for example, the best ones are those made of stainless steel. They are still at risk of oxidation, but are resistant and easier to maintain. The knives carbon steel they are also great and have a very long durability. However, preserving it needs to be done more carefully.
The models that should be avoided are those of
pottery. Knives of this material do not last for years and also break more easily. Even though they are cheaper, you will feel the need to buy a new one within a few months.
THE cable material it must also be taken into account at the time of purchase. Most are usually made of plastic or other similar materials, which have good resistance. If you want to buy a knife with a wooden handle, evaluate the quality of the utensil well!

Weight and balance

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Other details that cannot be left out of consideration are the weight and balance of the utensil. When the knife is over Light, it offers the cook greater speed and accuracy. It is ideal for delicately slicing a vanilla bean, for example. The most popular knives heavy they are a little more difficult to handle, but great for cutting tougher ingredients.
With respect to
balance, it is essential for the cuts to be made with the minimum effort required and with greater precision. To find out if the knife you intend to buy has a good balance, just rest it on your fingers or wrist (with the cutting edge down). If the manufacturer has not been concerned with this feature of the utensil, it will fall from where it was supported by one side being heavier than the other.


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After all these more technical questions, a slightly simpler tip. There’s no point in buying the best kitchen knife on the market if the handle doesn’t fit comfortably in your hands. Therefore, hold the utensil as if you were really going to use it and decide which type of base is ideal according to your taste and comfort.
Who there already feels more prepared to buy a good knife? Soon we will also explain to you the differences between the main types of knife. In the meantime, also take a look at the post about the most common types of oven and stove on the market ?

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