How to clean and energize the crystals
How to clean and energize the crystals

How to clean and energize the crystals?

When we buy, win or find a crystal it is important to think that the path for him to reach our hands was very long. Throughout this process, energies that passed through the stones are distinct and can destabilize their properties. That is why it is so important to know how to clean crystals, to take any energy that we do not want and then energize them again. The cleaning and energizing it should also be done periodically or when you feel the need, not only at the time of purchase.

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There are several processes for doing this: using salt, water, sunlight, moon or even other crystals. However, each has its particularities. Some crystals cannot go in the water or stay in the sun too long, for example. So it is important to know about each of the methods on how to clean crystals. Enjoy:


When we talk about cleanliness we are always talking about energy, but we can also do the physical cleaning to remove dirt, dust etc. For that, there is no secret, just use water and neutral soap (for stones that accept water) and brush or cotton for those that need to be dry – don’t worry because throughout the text we will explain which stones you accept (or not) water. Do not use other chemicals, as they can react with crystals that are often sensitive.


With the clean crystals of physical dirt, it’s time to download your energies. For this there are many methods on how to clean crystals, choose the best one according to the stone you have.


This is one of the most natural and simple ways possible, as long as you have a source of Natural water near your home. Just put the crystals in a cotton sachet, hold them well and leave them immersed in natural running water for a while, as long as they are not polluted.

  • Some crystals that cannot: apophyllites, pyrite, bauxites, bornite, cassiterite, sulfur, hematite, black tourmaline, galena, selenite, hematite, lapis lazuli, calcite, malachite, howlite, turquoise and kyanite.

How to clean and energize the crystals?

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One of the best known techniques is that of coarse salt water. Place your stones in a clear glass container, cover with water and add coarse salt. The quantity and time are indicated in different ways. You can leave from 3 to 24 hours and add a few tablespoons of coarse salt, depending on the amount of water.

Some people indicate sea salt, however, many say that small particles can attack minerals. That’s why here we recommend coarse salt.

How to clean and energize the crystals?

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After immersion, wash it well under running water and let it dry in sunlight or moon (we will talk about this in the topic of energization).

  • Some crystals that can: quartz, amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, smoky quartz, jasper, agate, chalcedony, carnelian, aventurine and onyx.
  • Some crystals that cannot (besides those that cannot go in the water): halite, selenite, plaster, desert rose, aqua aura quartz (treated), amber, azurite, topaz, moonstone, opal, selenite, red coral and chrysopaz, chrysocolla.


For crystals that cannot have contact with water, dry coarse salt cleaning is ideal. In a container, make a layer of coarse salt and place the crystals on top. Leave for two hours or as long as you feel necessary.

  • You can clean any stone.


Another method for crystals that cannot come into contact with water is cleaning with a druse or selenite. Druze is that group of stones, which can be made of amethyst, for example. Just place the crystal on top and leave for two hours. Selenite is a stone that performs energy cleaning, as well as salt. The ideal is to leave the crystals on top of the selenite for 5 to 10 minutes or, if you have only one natural tip, arrange them all on a smooth surface and direct that tip towards them.

  • You can clean any stone.

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Another type of cleaning without water is with smoking across incense. For this it is necessary to choose a cleaning incense (there are also energizing ones) and let the smoke pass through the entire crystal. The chosen incense can be rosemary, rue, lavender, white sage, palo santo or other.

  • You can clean any stone.

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Now that you’ve learned how to clean crystals it’s time to but energy for Like stones. For this, in the same way, there are many methods, but not all are suitable for any type of crystal.


This is perhaps the most common of all and it usually works very well, energizing with the sun. It is best to use the morning light, which is not very strong and is less likely to attack the stone. For the crystals that support the sun, the right thing to leave for a few hours, ok?

  • Crystals that cannot: amethyst, fluorite, lapis lazuli, malachite, pink or green quartz, aquamarine, tourmaline, turquoise and citrine.

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AN takes, despite having a different energy than the sun, more delicate and sensitive, is also great for energizing stones. The cool thing is to leave during the whole night during periods of full or crescent moon.

  • Suitable for stones that cannot go in the sun.

How to clean and energize the crystals?

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Place the crystals on the Earth or buried for at least 1 full day (24h) is also an option. It is important that it is a place with vegetation around, okay? Then just do a physical cleaning to remove the dirt.

  • Ideal for when the stones cannot go in the sun or we don’t have a lot of sunlight and moon at home.

How to clean and energize the crystals?

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In the same way that incense sticks can be used for cleaning, they can also energize crystals. To do this, do the same, smoking an incense in a way that the smoke catches on all sides of the stone. Use incense of your choice, which you like and bring good energy to you.

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Just as there are crystals that clean, we also have crystals that energize or do both at the same time. This method is only for when we have energized stones at home, ok? The stones that can be used are citrine, garnet, super 7, alabaster, selenite and diamond. Keep in touch for a while ?

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There are many crystals and it may be that any you have are not in this list. So, it is worth researching before performing cleaning to know if he is not sensitive to any of the practices ? Do you have any other tips or techniques? Comment here!

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