How to clean the mixer

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Hey! The dessert was ready and now just enjoy and be happy! But tell me, is the kitchen clean? Okay, you don’t have to answer now. The important thing is to know that keeping your utensils free of spills of dough and sugar is a great sign that you are a responsible and organized person (hehe). So, this post contains some tips on how to clean your mixer, be it a Kitchenaid, Kenwood or any other (by the way, here is a really cool review on which brand is the best to have at home, take a look!) .
1. First of all, unplug the mixer. Nobody wants to be shocked or taken unnecessary scares, right?
2. Wash the beaters by hand with warm water and detergent. Do the same with the bowl of an electric mixer and make sure to dry everything thoroughly before storing them. If your mixer is on display at the kitchen counter, spread some stainless steel products around the entire bowl – you’ll see how shiny it will look!
3. Whenever you are finished using the mixer, wipe it with a damp cloth along its entire length, taking care that no liquid or dust gets into the engine ventilation openings. Use a toothbrush to clean smaller, more fitting parts.
4. If the dirt is very sticky, use baking soda mixed with a little water. You will see how miraculous this ingredient is to remove stubborn stains!
5. Remove food and dust particles from the ventilation openings using a toothpick or brush. Even a vacuum cleaner can help you not push everything in there. This is an area that must always be clean to ensure a better mixer performance ?
6. Wipe the underside with a damp cloth, then dry well.
Source: The Kitchnn
Photos: Erika Tracy

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