How to customize your shoes: 15 ideas

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When I lived in San Francisco in love with the city, I had the golden gate bridge drawn on my converse. In the United States, to customize your shoes it is often enough to ask for it in stores. There are one or more artists who create the pattern of your choice on demand. But in France it is more unique and therefore often very expensive. That’s why I looked for DIY ideas, to do it yourself. Here is how to customize your shoes yourself in 10 ideas.

How to customize your shoes: canvas tennis

To customize your canvas shoes you have two solutions: draw or embroider. The first is the easiest the fastest. The second is more durable.

How to customize your shoes with textile markers (sold on Amazon). You just need to choose a pattern and transfer it to your canvas tennis.

how to customize your bensimon diy shoes

Director: Heju.

how to customize your DIY heart shoes

Bensimon x The bride of the panda.

Now let’s move on to personalization with a few moments of sewing. In back stitch, you can personalize your shoes with the pattern of your choice. I really liked this model.

how to customize your clemaroundthecorner embroidery tennis shoes

Also for summer sneakers with graphic rhinestones, you can sew gold (Amazon), silver (Amazon) or even multicolored (Amazon) tube seed beads as the creative couple Heju does.

How to customize your DIY seed beads shoes

How to customize your Stan Smith shoes

You have chosen the most fashionable sneakers at Courir. So you have the same on your feet as everyone else. It is then necessary to make room for DIY so as not to seem like a follower! Here are the inspirations so you can find how to customize your Nike Stan Smith shoes.

Be sure to choose a varnish, pens or paint that is not afraid of water so that your personalization will hold up well. And to ensure its longevity, I advise you to use a waterproofing spray (Amazon) after your DIY.

how to customize your stan smith posca shoes

DIY by Bobsmade.

how to customize your shoes stan smith diy hack

Adidas Stan Smith by artist Sabine Nielsen.

A smart idea to customize your shoes and personalize your Stan Smith is to use the 9 small holes that exist on each side. You will be able to add beads or draw to the embroidery without damaging your precious sneakers.

how to customize your nike stan smith shoes
how to customize your stan smith shoes

How to customize your bridal shoes

No, I’m not going to suggest you repaint the precious Jimmy Shoes. Instead, create fun shoes for brunch the next day!

converse diy wedding hack how to customize your shoes

1: Beressy Art // 2: Double G Customs // 3: Creature Cool // 4: Cindy Wish.

How to customize your shoes: laces

I have already done this a thousand times with a pair of Bensimon: replace the laces with bolduc (available on Amazon). It’s fun but not very solid. So this idea is only good for things where you won’t have to re-tie your laces every time you put on your sneakers.

However, if you want to add color to your shoe in this way, you can use tape. It will be more resistant.

how to customize your diy ribbon nail shoes

Also, if it is a slip-on, you can personalize the front with a few tassels like the “tassel loafer” moccasins for men.

how to customize your slip on pompon shoes clem around the corner
how to customize your shoes diy hack laces
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