How to detach and renew the looks

how to detach and renew the looks

Organize the wardrobe it is a great remedy for those who want to renew the energy of the room and life a little! After all, by moving some things around, exchanging for new ones and getting rid of pieces that we don’t use much, we are giving space to new memories and feelings.
Also, it’s a way to dedicate a little bit of time to do something for you. And in addition, if you’re not wearing it, someone may be in need or really looking to buy a new look ?

How to detach and renew the looks

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Before everything, activate the detach mode! With that in mind, new looks will come and you will have more space for new pieces and new stories as well. Connect step by step to organize your wardrobe with great practicality.

Take everything out of the wardrobe

The first step is to get everything out of the closet. Everything! Put everything in a pile on the bed and then start work. This helps to visualize the amount of clothes you have ?

How to detach and renew the looks

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Taking advantage of this wave, since the closet is empty, clean inside and avoid possible pets or dirt that are always hidden. After that, it’s time to do the separations.

Use boxes!

After placing everything on the bed, separate 4 boxes to facilitate division. We will use one to place parts that need repairs, another for donation, sales and disposal.

How to detach and renew the looks

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Of course you can put it in piles or piles, but the box already helps to send it where you need it too. Ah, let’s remember to leave them in a place that is in plain sight, so as not to fall by the wayside and nothing to be done afterwards ?

1: Repairs and customization

You know that clothes that got loose, loosened a button or damaged the clasp? This is her place. Here are the parts you like but don’t use anymore because of these repairs that need to be done. If there are many, write it down on a piece of paper and stick it on your clothes to make it easier to send it to the seamstress.

How to detach and renew the looks

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There are also some that we would love to use but do not suit us. So, it’s time to dress each one up and know if with a customization they would look better. It can be an adjustment at the waist, decrease the length, add some details … There goes your creativity.

2: Donation

Sometimes there is a blouse that we wore like a uniform a few years ago and today it is in the wardrobe just for decoration, you know? For this is the time to let go and think that other people may like it now.

How to detach and renew the looks

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Ah, it is important that the piece is in good condition for donation. The criterion to differentiate from the ones you are going to discard – let’s get there – is for the reason that you stopped using it: being tight, no longer doing your style or not having good memories. To do this, look for the charity of your choice.
+ An extra tip is to make a day of changing clothes with friends too ?

3: Sales

Selling some clothes is your option. After all, you can donate them all! But, if you need extra cash, go ahead!

How to detach and renew the looks

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Do you know those clothes you bought and never wore? Maybe it could have been for an impulse or for being in a promotion … These are to put in the box to sell. And for that, there are bazaars that buy your clothes, as well as the options to create an account on seasick or sell on your Instagram ?

4: Disposal

Yes, some parts have already been used enough and the time has come for disposal. For this, observe those that are stained, torn, without conditions for repair or donation.

How to detach and renew the looks

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Ah, intimate pieces should not be passed on. Then they also enter that box.

5: Back to the macaw

Okay, now all that’s left is yours and I’m sure you love it very much. Just put it back in the wardrobe and give that special way to the organization.

How to detach and renew the looks

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Ah, another tip is to try all the looks and take pictures before saving again, so, already tests several options and speeds up when leaving home.
So, inspired to renew the wardrobe in a conscious and practical way? Ah, to finish, how about organizing everything by colors? In addition to giving it a special charm it can make it easier to choose the look ? Tell us in the comments what you do to organize your wardrobe.

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