How to expand small spaces?

How to expand small spaces?

With increasingly smaller properties, we need to use creativity to create a beautiful, functional and, of course, that gives a feeling of spaciousness. As much as you have a big house, probably at least one of the rooms is tighter, be it the toilet or even the living room.
But the lack of space need not be seen as a problem, after all, there is no shortage of tricks when decorating compact environments. I decided to share 8 tips that can make a difference when setting up your decor ?


How to expand small spaces?

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Lighter walls, ceilings and floors help to bring spaciousness to the space. I’m not just talking about white and off-white, okay? Pastels and even a lighter gray can work very well on furniture, for example. Invest in light coatings and finishes to bet on color points in accessories such as pillows and decorative items on shelves and tables.


How to expand small spaces?

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No, you don’t have to have a mirrored wall to enlarge the room – unless you want to, of course. A mirror even against the wall makes all the difference.


How to expand small spaces?

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Hollow or transparent elements bring much more lightness to the environment. Instead of using a closed bookcase, it is worth betting on modular and hollow pieces or even with glass bottom ? A chair with a hollow back in the dining room or a coffee table with toothpick feet in the room also have the same effect.


How to expand small spaces?

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However low the right foot of the room, use the walls and all vertical space to your advantage. Place cabinets, shelves or niches and take advantage of the space available on the walls. Cluttering the circulation with furniture, shelves and large chests gives a feeling of “tightness” in the environment, right?


How to expand small spaces?

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Recalling what I said in the previous topic, we must be very careful with the size of the furniture in these small spaces. A sofa that is too big can ruin your living room, really. Prefer a smaller sofa and, who knows, an armchair on the other side. These small changes make the space more pleasant.
The ideal would also be to bet on bespoke joinery, because the optimization of space is much greater. In the kitchen, for example, this detail completely changes the organization and practicality within the environment. And even if the money is shorter or you don’t want to invest in bespoke furniture right now, it is worth measuring well before buying a sofa, bookcase or cabinet. Pay attention to the depth of the pieces – bookshelves with very wide shelves can clutter the entire room.


How to expand small spaces?

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I don’t even need to say how much these doors optimize space, right? Kitchens and bathrooms, which normally need more space for cupboards, can be good rooms for testing.


How to expand small spaces?

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Indirect lighting is a good ally for intimate environments in the house such as bedroom, living room and even toilet. There are plenty of options for pieces to give this effect: sconces, illuminated panels, lamps, lamps, spots… In the living room and in the kitchen, try to make the most of natural lighting!


How to expand small spaces?

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Stripes, especially vertical, can help in many cases. In the living room, for example, a striped rug or a wallpaper with delicate stripes can be quite worthwhile.
In the bedroom, you can bet on the headboards. I’m not just talking about investing in striped fabrics, but in different pieces like the headboard with wooden slats.
See how you can decorate a small space in a super charming way? Be sure to comment below if you have any other tips ?

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