How to freeze vegetables and greens without error?

How to freeze vegetables and greens without error?

Those who do not have time to go to the market every week or like to make larger purchases always face a great challenge: avoiding waste. Industrialized and non-perishable foods have a longer shelf life and end up lasting longer, but the same does not happen with vegetables.
So how do you keep these products at home without spoiling them quickly? The best solution to the problem is Freeze those foods. But don’t think it’s just putting everything in a bag and taking it to the freezer! Each type of legume and vegetable requires special care and, therefore, we will give you a complete guide on how to do this step by step. Already separate a notebook or notepad of the cell phone to write everything down ?


How to freeze vegetables and greens without error?

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Before taking the vegetables to the freezer, it is necessary to wash each one thoroughly, removing parts that are damaged. This way, you prevent everything else from spoiling too. After washing, do not forget to dry each one well.
Remember that food needs to be fresh for this process. After all, there is no point in freezing a vegetable that is already very old. The seasonality of the products is another factor to be taken into account. Those from the station they are always fresher. At this stage, it is also important to separate those foods that do not taste good when frozen.
Potato, cucumber, radish, lettuce and watercress, for example, have a bad texture, change color and lose flavor. So keep these foods in the lowest part of your refrigerator – and no freezer!
To make it easier, let’s list a series of
vegetables and greens that can be frozen. In the universe of vegetables: carrots, manioc and manioc pumpkin, eggplant, beets, corn and peppers. Now, on the side of vegetables, we have: spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, parsley and basil.


How to freeze vegetables and greens without error?

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Another key step for conserving vegetables in the freezer is bleaching. The technique consists of scalding these foods in boiling water, interrupting the action of enzymes that accelerate the aging of vegetables. In addition, this process also eliminates bacteria, maintains the nutrients of the products and fixes the texture, color and flavor of the products.
Now, you may be asking yourself, “how to do this bleaching?”. The process is very simple, but with ingredients that vary according to the food group. Therefore, we will list the steps for the main vegetable sets and vegetables. But in general, only one pot with boiling water it is a heat conductor, like salt. Then, after this “pre-cooked” meal, the food should be placed in a bowl with ice to stop the action of heat. To make the bleaching correct, just follow these specifications:


Cassava and cassava, peppers, pumpkin, carrots, corn, broccoli, peas, green beans, broccoli and spinach (yellow, orange and green foods).


Cauliflower, beets, peppers, eggplants, cabbage and artichokes (white, red or purplish foods)
The order, as already mentioned, is to let the water boil with the heat conductor (salt or vinegar), place the food, wait between 3 to 5 minutes and then place the food in the container with ice or ice water. That done, let them dry at room temperature and only after they are completely cold store in the freezer.
TIP: those foods from the group of vegetables, such as kale, parsley and chives must be chopped and frozen raw. That is, without going through the bleaching stage.


How to freeze vegetables and greens without error?

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With foods already blanched or chopped, the secret is how to store them. The ideal is to use glass or plastic pots with a lid. If you prefer plastic bags, look for those suitable for freezer, airtight. If you are going to use the bags, it is essential to remove all the air from inside before closing so that the vegetables last longer.
To better organize all the foods, it is interesting to separate them into sachets and jars with the amounts that will be needed when they are defrosted. Therefore, give preference to divide into smaller portions. Also, label the date these products were frozen. That way, you get to know exactly how long he’s been in the freezer.
And nothing to leave the freezer overcrowded, combined? Air needs to circulate between all the objects placed there ?


How to freeze vegetables and greens without error?

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Yes, we also have tips for defrosting all products in the best possible way! In the ideal world, thawing should be slow. Therefore, the correct thing is to remove the vegetables from the freezer that will be used hours before and leave them in the refrigerator.
But, as we do not always have this time or forget this step, the products must go from the freezer, straight to the pot with hot water. Some vegetables like chives and parsley do not need to be defrosted, so just add them to your preparation.
After defrosting, never put the food back in the freezer. This affects its quality and also conservation, as it undergoes sudden changes in temperature.
Did you like the tips? Hope so! And if you are also interested in freezing bread without error, just tighten here ?

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