How to Gently Detach Eyes?

How to Gently Detach Eyes?

I don’t know how you noticed, but the most basic and minimalist makeups are gaining more and more space. On a daily basis, I myself enjoy a more neutral look and only abuse colors on special occasions. However, good skin preparation and well-marked eyes are simply essential for me when it comes to make!
Of course, we don’t need false eyelashes (which, by the way, I don’t even know how to use), bright or colored shadows to highlight the look. That’s exactly why I decided to make this post with 5 simple tips that make all the difference in eye makeup ?


How to Gently Detach Eyes?

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Who has never put a lighter shade in the inner corner to open their eyes? I love this trick that gives you an instant “awake” and does not weigh on the make. I like to use an illuminator to make the effect more impactful, but you can also apply that beige eyeshadow on the palette or even a more sparkling product!


How to Gently Detach Eyes?

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It’s simple, but I swear I forgot to do that! Nowadays, there are specific masks with smaller applicators to use on the lower lashes, okay? I think this is a great tip for those who want to make their eyes bigger!


How to Gently Detach Eyes?

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This is a trick I learned recently thanks to a video by Vic Ceridono, from Dia de Beauté. Anyone who accompanies me knows that I almost never give up on a kitten style, but this quick trick is great for those late days! The invisible line, as she calls it, is nothing more than a “pull” in the outer corner made with pencil and then smoked.
Because it is made with a creamy pencil, the chances of making a mistake are practically nil and you still have the advantage of being able to blur everything if it becomes “crooked”. To better understand how this tip works, just watch her video that you will surely understand ?


How to Gently Detach Eyes?

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The beige pencil, nowadays, is a practically indispensable item in my necessarire. Just like the one lit in the inner corner, the light pencil in the waterline opens your eyes a lot. It’s a small detail that you can use on all occasions, you know? I really don’t give up on him on those days when I slept badly and I don’t want anything too heavy in that region.


How to Gently Detach Eyes?

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The concave is nothing more than that part between the little eyebrow bone and the movable eyelid, which is usually deeper. Using a darker shade than the others in this region helps to add depth and highlight the look. This works both for more elaborate makeups with various shades, but also for a very natural make-up using only a more neutral brown eyeshadow in this area.
EXTRA TIP: Aah, remember that adjusting your eyebrows also makes all the difference when it comes to looking striking, okay? There is even a post about it here on the site, but it’s always good to reinforce it ?


As I gave 5 simple tips, nothing more fair than indicating products that will make a difference at this time! I hope you like it and, of course, feel free to leave more tips in the comments!
How to Gently Detach Eyes?
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