How to get organized to work or study at home
How to get organized to work or study at home

How to get organized to work or study at home

For many it can be a dream to work from home! It really makes life a lot easier, not having to catch traffic daily, eating the homemade food you love so much, flexible hours, dressing comfortably… There are many benefits.
On the other hand, the life of those who work at home or devote part of their time studying in their corner needs some tips to improve their performance!

Your space

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Having a space reserved for the activity is essential! Even if your job is to record videos (haha), you always take the time to research new recipes, references, tips, write for blogs…
Now, if you have any activity that needs to use the computer for everything, it is very important to have a comfortable table, a good chair, quality appliances and, of course, organization – it is so important that I even made a separate topic below:

Physical organization


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Anything goes here: niches, boxes, trays, pots, folders … There is no point in having spreadsheets and folders on your computer and not having an organized external environment. It is important to separate important documents, notes and draft. It seems obvious, but I swear it is not easy! In the rush we ended up mixing everything and wasted a lot of time trying to find it.
If you study, it’s even more important! First separate boxes and folders by subject, then notes made in class, abstracts, texts… There are a thousand things!

to plan

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Plan your routine! Establish the hours of work or study, make the correct lunch time and, above all, know the time to stop! If you’re going to keep working until you “finish”, forget it.

Feel free


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No heels and tight clothes! A great benefit of working from home is comfort! But calm down, no working in pajamas. It is good to plan, shower and “get dressed” even if it is to stay in the office on the side of the room. You don’t know what time you have to leave, where you go … It’s always good to be prepared.

Goals and objectives

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Self-employed people need goals, whether financial or even dreams. It is true that anyone needs to have goals, but when you don’t have a boss or someone pressing you all the time, it’s important to be picky with yourself. Having plans, goals and deadlines is essential!
How about following the tips and having an even better performance?

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