How to keep your feet intact when traveling


For the first time in years I come back from a trip without blisters on my feet! Yes, it is possible!
Whenever we travel we walk more than normal. We want to know places and experience everything the city can offer us. But of course we are also crazy to use that new pair of shoes! The problem is that it ends up hurting our entire heel.
On that last trip I bought the Band-Aid Friction Block. It’s like a gel that we use to prepare our feet before using the shoes that hurt. It creates a layer between the shoe and the skin; this ends up protecting a lot and leaves no bubbles!
That was my magic product, but unfortunately it doesn’t sell in Brazil ?
I went after products that sell here and have the same function. Although the consistency is different, the Granado gel is great to use with sneakers! As it is more liquid, be careful not to pass too much product and become slippery. Another solution for the heels is from Dr. Scholl’s – they are gel tapes that protect the heel. Nexcare also has a line of adhesive tapes that protect the feet and are invisible. You can find these products in several pharmacies in the country.
Well, those were the best options I found here! But know that if a relative or friend goes abroad, ask for a stock of Band-Aid! I used it every day and it was great!

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