How To Learn English At Home?

How To Learn English At Home?

It is nothing new for anyone who knows speak English it became a basic requirement, whether to get a job, travel or connect with people from anywhere in the world. Therefore, it is always important to seek to learn the language in some way and train what we already know.
Traditional courses are often more plastered, causing some people to lose interest in classes. However, there are several other ways to learn and train English, including having more contact with native speakers. Curious to know what they are? So already prepare the note pad to write down the tips!

Necklace put

How To Learn English At Home?

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Anyone who accompanies me knows that I am crazy about post this! This material is super versatile and serves not only for our organization, but also for learning. People who have difficulty memorizing some words and expressions, for example, can stick papers around the house with shorter phrases.
In addition, those who are still learning the basics of English have the chance to paste the name of that object or environment in every corner of the house. That way, you will always take a look at it and the study gets less tiring.

Chat with a native

How To Learn English At Home?
One of the most effective ways to learn English is, without a doubt, speaking to a native speaker. As not everyone has the chance to exchange or travel to learn a new language, how about having contact with teachers born in English-speaking countries over the Internet?
To take classes with native teachers and very simply, just use the Cambly. Basically, this platform offers online English classes 24 hours a day and you can choose the teacher that most interests you. Just read the short description of each professional.
I’ll give you an example for you to understand how it works. Aunt Jo, Paulo’s mother, knows almost nothing about English and feels very insecure just thinking about learning English. For her to be more comfortable in class, we chose a teacher who also spoke Portuguese.
In addition, we also asked him to teach vocabularies and expressions simpler and related to travel. That way, she gains more independence to walk without passing through the language, wherever she goes.
In my case, I go in a few times to talk to the teacher in order to maintain fluency and practice. Especially because learning languages ​​is an ongoing process and there is always a new vocabulary to discover.
How To Learn English At Home?
And how to find the ideal teacher? It’s just filter the profile by specialization or even by interest to practice with those who have some connection with your preferences or your goals. Best of all, the class is private. In other words, those who are ashamed to speak English in the classroom can put their fear aside and dedicate themselves to learning with the help of a native speaker.
Ah, another important detail is in relation to the accent: you have the option of training the one you prefer, with the majority of teachers coming from the United States, Canada and England.
And at Cambly, in addition to being able to make reservations with teachers, classes can also be on demand. That is, just press a button at any time of the day or night and speak to a teacher who is currently online. Super practical and fits any running routine.
For those who don’t know the platform and want to try it for free, just press
on here, or use the DANINOCE code. If you like it, just subscribe ?

Watch series and movies

How To Learn English At Home?
Another classic way to learn and train English is watching movies and series! In this case, I consider three “levels” of learning. The first is for those who still don’t understand much. At this stage, you should watch the subtitled film, but paying attention to the pronunciations, accents and so on.
Those who already have a more advanced level can now switch to another method: English subtitles! In addition to training the listening, you can also pay more attention to the writing of some words and expressions.
Finally, watch the videos like a native – without any subtitle support! It may seem like something difficult to achieve, but after a lot of training, exercises and preparations, the caption is even forgotten.

Listen to music

How To Learn English At Home?

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Like movies and series, music is also a big help. It may sound silly, but pay attention to the lyrics of the song and check what we call Lyrics it’s a fun way to learn. A good tool for doing this is Lyrics Training, which shows the lyrics of the song with some spaces that must be completed – and has an option for all levels of English!
And if you are very interested in a certain English-speaking artist, for example, it is worth trying to watch interviews that he has given. What do you think of the idea?

Create your own dictionary

How To Learn English At Home?

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Now, pay attention to this valuable tip that brings together all the other topics in the post! After the post its, talking to natives, listening to music and watching a lot of videos, how to maintain all this knowledge? It is obvious that most of the lessons are absorbed by us, but our brain still misses one thing or another.
To prevent this from happening, create your own dictionaries! Take a notebook especially for this and make the division the way you prefer. Here are some suggestions: in the case of vocabulary, separate by theme or alphabetical order. As for expressions, the ideal is to divide according to the situations. Important phrases for writing also deserve a separate place.
As soon as they are setting up this “glossary”, It is also interesting to put some examples of how to use these words. That way, you don’t forget either its meaning or how to use it in a conversation!
Did you like the tips? Be sure to test them at home and take the time to talk to one of the teachers at Cambly!

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