How to make bicolor icing for cupcakes

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Look, if there is anyone who deserves my sincere applause, that someone is the one who can decorate a cupcake perfectly. You know right? With the little turns of the roof outlined so symmetrically that it looks like a fake cookie. If you are that person, receive my virtual congratulations because you are amazing!
In this post, I bring here a tip for your cupcake to reach another level on the “lindezas de frosting” scale (Mari Mori seal of approval). Two-color covers, how about?
double-icing-beak-icing-cupcake-preparedpantry-ickfdphoto: Prepared Pantry / top photo: Sweetapolita
In fact, it’s pretty easy to do. You will need three pastry bags, the third of which may be slightly larger than the first two, and a beautiful spout of your choice. In this post here there are several models to choose from.
Well, after that, just prepare the desired cover and divide it into two parts. If you use a cream cheese-based cream, for example, you can color one part with red fruit puree and leave the other white. It goes from your imagination; D
The photos are from the Four Seasons Hotel website:
I think it is more advisable to keep the same coverage base to form this effect, because then you are not at risk of having a more stable side and a softer side. Of course, there is no problem, in this case, making a buttercream with half chocolate and half vanilla, as Ju, from Cupcakeando, did.
“But Marina, if I want to add more colors and make a super colorful cover?”, You will ask me. My beautiful, you can! Look at this chic combination of three flavors. In the recipe, she used a part of cream cheese topping with Nutella, another part with almond butter and cream cheese and the third part with cream cheese and vanilla. I managed to taste just talking falar
decoration-beak-of-icing-triple-cupcake-goodlifeeats-ickfddecoration-beak-of-icing-triple-cupcake-goodlifeeats-ickfd2Good Life Eats
So, have you had any ideas for this weekend? I hope I helped with this inspiration; D
Ah! You can find cupcake recipes here and topping recipes here.

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