How to Make Food Dye At Home

How to Make Food Dye At Home

Mainly used to give a special color to cakes and sweets, the food coloring is that kind of product that every confectioner has at home. However, some natural alternatives can replace industrialized ones, in addition to adding flavor depending on the ingredient.
Were you interested in the subject? So, get ready to write down some tips on how to do
natural dye at home. I promise that they are all very simple and the colors look really beautiful ?

Red dye

How to Make Food Dye At Home

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Starting with the most classic of colors: red. As the name implies, red fruits are one of the most common ways to make natural red dyes. Although the others work, I recommend that you use the raspberry. To obtain the dye, just beat the berries and the blender / mixer and then sieve the mixture. There, your desserts may be redder now.
Another way to bring this same color is with the beet. In this case, the tone is a little more pink, ideal for coverings with a softer and more delicate characteristic. Concerning beet, prepare a juice with the vegetable already cooked. Then, bring the liquid to a low heat and let it reduce until it is in half. The longer it boils, the more concentrated the color becomes!

Purple dye

How to Make Food Dye At Home

Photo: Objective Cupcake

Still using the red fruits, it is possible to create a purple food coloring from the blackberries. The process is the same as for raspberry. Beat the fruit in a blender or mixer and strain the mixture.
The rpurple eye it also manages to give an effect very similar to that of the blackberry. Cut the vegetable into small pieces and place it in a pan full of water, so that all the cabbage is covered. Cook for about 10 minutes or until the water is purplish – it will be your natural color ?

Blue dye

How to Make Food Dye At Home

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Even though it is not a color easily found in nature, making blue food coloring at home is very simple. And, to obtain it, it will also be necessary to use the purple cabbage. The only difference is that it is necessary to add ½ spoon of sodium bicarbonate in a pot with the boiled cabbage water. This second ingredient causes a chemical reaction with the cabbage water, turning it blue!

Orange dye

How to Make Food Dye At Home

Photo: Homemade Hooplah

The most obvious way to get orange dye is to use the carrot. Whoever thought that way was right! They are really one of the main sources of natural orange dyes. Just chop or beat a chopped carrot and half a glass of water in the blender. Then strain the mixture and set it aside in a small bowl ?

Yellow dye

How to Make Food Dye At Home

Photo: The Spunky Coconut

The natural yellow dye can be made mainly with two different products: mango it’s the saffron. In the first case, just beat or crush the fruit and sift the mixture so that it doesn’t have any fiber. For having a more characteristic flavor, the mango can leave a residual taste in the dessert. Therefore, use it with care.
As for saffron, mix a cup of the ingredient with water and add it to recipes gradually, also to avoid different flavors.

How to store

How to Make Food Dye At Home

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After preparing the natural dyes of all colors at home, place them in ice cubes and place in the freezer. In this way, the ingredients will remain well preserved. To use them in any recipe, just leave the pebble of the color you want to melt in a glass or bowl. Then add the dye in the preparation.

More tips

Did you like to know how to make your own dyes? Several other products that we buy ready-made can also be prepared at home. To those who are curious, I will leave some suggestions below!

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