How to make hair more voluminous?

How to make hair more voluminous?

While some people want to get rid of the hair volume, others like me live behind products and finishes so that it gets more movement?
After testing many products and techniques, I finally discovered what works for my hair and I will share with you some tips. I’m sure at least one of them will help you too!

Certain shampoo

Using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type makes all the difference. For those who have thinner or extremely straight hair, the ideal is to bet on products that make the strands thicker.
My hair has adapted very well with the OGX line called Bamboo Fiber Full and it is it that I use to help give the volume up. It’s worth testing and seeing if it works for you too!


Cutting the wires also makes all the difference when it comes to getting the volume. Those that are more peaked or layered end up making the hair lighter. Consequently, it is much easier to make it bulky and with the much dreamed movement.
Just be careful with the type of technique used by your hairdresser. When explaining the cut to him, be sure to let him know that the intention is to add more volume.
How to make hair more voluminous?

Dryer or diffuser is your best friend

After washing your hair with the right products and fixing the cut, it’s time to take care of the finishing. To achieve more voluminous hair, it is very important to use a blow dryer or diffuser.
When drying your hair, always aim the dryer wind from bottom to top. Another option is to keep your head down and dry the wires in this “against” direction. Can you be sure that after this trick the wires will be more disgusted?
Oh, and it’s worth doing some “kneading” on the hair with some styling cream. This way, the hair layers are better defined.
How to make hair more voluminous?


Still not happy with the final result of your hair? Calm down, there’s still one more solution!
This tip is already old, but a lot of people don’t know about it. Combing the strands in the opposite direction of growth creates an absurd volume when compared to straight hair! Here it is important to use a fine comb and preserve the tips and the root. It will be kind of embarrassing, but just fix it well with your fingers to make it look like a purposeful mess!
more voluminous hair
So, did you like the tips? I went so long without changing my hair that now I’m loving taking chances on new submissions! In one of the channel’s videos, I even tested new colors. Was it super fun to see so many versions of Danis? Watch and then tell me what you think ?

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