How to Make Impalpable Sugar

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How to Make Impalpable Sugar
The name seems a little confusing, but it has no secret. Impalpable sugar is nothing more than a mixture of powdered sugar and some type of starch – the most used is corn – which makes it less sweet. As Dani always says, the proportion of these two ingredients should be described on the packaging of this product, but that is not the case. The ideal for making macaron, for example, would be an intact sugar with 4% starch.
In this post on different types of sugar, Joyce Galvão explains a little about the nomenclature issue. “The confusion between this sugar and powdered sugar is that Americans give the same name to both sugars, and here in Brazil we differentiate through the presence or not of starch. For this sugar we can also find names like icy sugar – however, iced sugar, made from dextrose, contains other ingredients that give this ‘icy’ sugar characteristic ”.
As it is a little difficult to find out which would be the best brand to use, the ideal is to prepare your own intact sugar. It’s simple and you just need a precision scale, powdered sugar and corn starch.
Mix 96 grams of powdered sugar with 4 grams of corn starch and ready! You will have an impalpable sugar perfect for making macarons and icing.
This chocolate macaron with truffled ganache and cherry surprise is perfect for holidays. Click here for the recipe.
How to Make Impalpable Sugar
cover photo: Bojon Gourmet-Alanna Taylor

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