How to make imperfect waves

How to make imperfect waves

Even though I don’t always use it, I love to see and make irregular and loose waves in my hair! The hair has more life and is super simple to do!
There are several ways: using the dryer, making a high bun, dividing the hair, curling, using babyliss, flat iron … I chose the simplest way to show you!



Photo 1 РTresemmé РPerfectly (Dis) greasy spray) / Photo 2 РThe Gnarly РWhale Beach Waves / Photo 3 РLee Stafford РBeach Babe Sea Salt Spray

Choosing the product is essential for a good result! Tresemmé spray is great! It helps to texture the threads and, thus, the hair is more volume and fixation. It works on any type of hair Рfrom the finest to the thickest.

Gnarly’s or Lee Stafford’s products are even more potent! If your hair is bulky, they are not the best options. But if your hair is thinner and without volume they are perfect!

In these three cases, the application is the same: Use the spray on the entire length of the hair after it is dry (do not throw it at the root, as it will look dirty).

If your hair is already wavy and you just want to “tchan”, use water even to moisten the strands!


After applying the chosen product, curl your hair as if you were going to make a loose bun. If you have a lot of hair, divide it into 2 or more parts. Pass the dryer!


Photos – UOL Mulher

After doing the procedure with the dryer, pin the hair in a low bun (the lower, the less volume at the root). Leave your hair up until it’s time to leave and then open the waves with your finger.

If your hair is very smooth and thin, it is worth using some fixing spray to last longer.

Ready! Now just go out with a hair full of life and volume!

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