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Cooking is definitely my biggest passion. The problem is the amount of dishes that get dirty when we are cooking.
And I must be worse than many people in this regard, since I am doing a thousand things at the same time and I take several spatulas, sieves, spoons, knives and get dirty without thinking about tomorrow.
prog2 recording
I learned at the confectionery school that I have to wash all the things when I use them and when I’m working in the kitchen with other people I can organize myself and do it all right so as not to disturb the work buddy, but when it’s just me and inside my kitchen … aiaiai .. there is no way around that area, which everyone looks at and it seems that there is a crazy woman cooking a thousand cakes, pies, jam and still making lunch, all at the same time now.
recording prog1
When I finish doing everything I was doing I will think about how to organize myself to wash, dry and store the dishes.
The good thing is that now I got a dishwasher in a Brastemp / Finish action and my job just got a lot easier. I can cook a lot more dishes without even worrying about the amount of dishes I’m soiling. I organize everything in the machine as I make my sweets and I can keep the sink always clean and organized, which makes the job much easier. And as the machine is quite large, there is still much more to fit (especially pots), which would not fit in my sink, which is tiny.
pudding step2
The Brastemp / Finish dishwasher gave me so much free time that I managed to make a lot more recipes for the site and record a lot more videos. #LOVED IT

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