How to make rice tasty and loose? 6 tips and tricks!

How to make rice tasty and loose?  6 tips and tricks!

THE Brazilian gastronomy is very rich and diverse, right? But one thing cannot be denied: the rice (even more combined with beans) is part of our daily diet and has been with us for a long time in all seasons, in all regions… Now the question is: how to make a perfect rice, loose and delicious for anyone to defect? There are some valuable and very simple tips that can make all the difference. We put all these secrets here in this post!

How to make rice tasty and loose? 6 tips and tricks!

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+ Ah, there are many types of rice and the indications about preparation time, amount of water, right point are variable. These tips are for the common rice that we eat daily: white needle type 1!

(1) Do you need to wash the rice?

There is the idea that wash the rice we will be removing impurities, chemicals and also removing what would make you soggy. But what happens is that in doing so, at least half of the proteins and nutrients in the grain are lost: iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6.
In addition, the product already goes through a washing process to remove impurities and the hot water is able to eliminate any bacteria present. And yet, washing the rice first makes it loose the starch, which would make it even soggy – which does not help at all to make it loose. So there is no need and it is not recommended to wash the rice, okay?

(2) Pot size

Shall we prepare? First of all you need to choose the right pot for this. To have a loose rice you need to have space, therefore, a wide pan is more suitable. It is also important that the beans cook at the same time, so a very deep pan can make the top part take longer to cook and is therefore not recommended.

How to make rice tasty and loose? 6 tips and tricks!

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Ah, it’s important that the pan has a lid, okay? At the end of the text we explain why.

(3) Right measures + preparation time

The recommended measure for a loose rice is 2 cups of water for 1 of rice. However, it is not that simple. If it is necessary to make an even larger quantity of rice, the measure should not only be doubled, but always one more cup. That is, 2 cups of rice, 3 cups of water… And so on.
THE amount of water defines the preparation time too. It’s ready when it dries, so don’t forget that for other types of rice it’s different. Brown rice, for example, takes much longer and that is precisely why it needs more water.

(4) Season the rice

A rice can taste good with salt, right? However, spices are always welcome for a change the menu. The most used are always onions and garlic, however, you can try turmeric for coloring, for example. Chives, parsley, coriander and other fresh spices also go very well.

season the rice

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(5) Fry and saute + water

Now, let’s finally go to preparation! The first step is sauté the spices, like onion and garlic. To do this, put a drizzle of olive oil or oil and fry quickly, just to soften a little. Then add the rice, sauté, involving a lot of oil and spices and fry! This is one of the main secrets for it to be loose, because when frying the heat it cancels some properties of the starch, which would make the rice soggy.
After that, it’s time to put the water, which must be hot so as not to cause a thermal shock and delay the cooking of rice and need even more water. Mix gently and now is the time to wait and keep an eye, see?

(6) Use cap + trick to the right spot!

Going back to the choice of the pan, remember that we said you need to have cover? It is essential for water does not evaporate so fast and makes the beans cook gradually. Therefore, during cooking, place and leave it ajar (if not, the water will rise and leak).
When the water dries up to the point of rice and you notice that it is almost dry, but still with a little water at the bottom (check with a spoon opening a hole), turn off the heat. This is the special moment: cover the pan completely and cook in the residual heat for 5 to 10 minutes over low heat. Then it will be ready.
Did you like it? How about testing a perfect rice with this Vgean stroganoff? The complete recipe you can check here!
How to make rice tasty and loose? 6 tips and tricks!
We hope this post can help make one of the most traditional and delicious dishes from our country. And if you have more tips, leave them in the comments!

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