How to Make the Cake More Wet?
How to make the cake more wet

How to Make the Cake More Wet?

There is nothing better than enjoying a cake cute and wet. In addition to melting in the mouth, the dessert is super light! To achieve this result, it is necessary to follow some very simple steps.
The perfect moist cake depends only on a few ingredients, and let’s tell you now what they are ?



Photo: Jernej Kitchen

One of the most classic ways to make the cake wet is to use syrup with more liquid texture. The base syrup, for example, is made only with sugar and water. If you want to add more flavor, it is worth betting on syrups with liquor, rose water, coconut milk or even chocolate.
All of these mini recipes are on here, then write down all the tips somewhere so you don’t forget!


Photo: Jernej Kitchen

It is not new that fats are a way to make desserts less dry. Although it is not the healthiest technique, it is infallible. THE butter, for example, makes the dough more greasy and aerated. For the recipe to work, don’t forget to beat the butter well at room temperature, until it looks like a fluffy cream.
Another way to keep the cake soft is with the help of oil. Even after a while, cakes with these fats are still wet. This is because these fats have the ability to retain moisture.


THE milk it is also responsible for the soft and fluffy cake dough. For this reason, avoid replacing the ingredient with juice or just water, for example. Other products like sour cream and yogurt have the same effect, so these can be good substitutes.

Egg whites

egg whites

Photo: Sweetapolita

Yes, the egg whites make your cake more moist! In addition to the classic function of aerating the dough, the correct point of this preparation is fundamental to the texture of the cake. That is, do not beat the egg whites until they are too hard. If this happens, the cake will be dry and heavy.


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