How to make the darkest chocolate to bathe fruits?

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Hello, I need a tip on how to make the chocolate I use darker to bathe fruit on a stick.
SUBMITTED BY: Alcione – Goiânia -GO
ICKFD: Hello Alcione. How are you?
Thank you for sending your question and I would like to understand it better.
What kind of chocolate are you using? What brand and what percentage of cocoa?
How do you bathe your chocolate? Do you do the tempering process or do you use hydrogenated chocolate?
I’ll tell you what I do and anything you explain to me better how you are doing so I can see if I can help you more.
Well, to start I never use hydrogenated chocolate, because they contain paraffin, which is very bad for your health. So, when I need to bathe some fruit, or truffle, or even make a bonbon cone to fill it, I always temper the chocolate before bathing or making the cones.
So, for a darker chocolate appearance, what I do is use dark chocolate, with more than 60% cocoa! For milk chocolate really has a lighter color.
I hope I was helpfull! And if it wasn’t, explain it to me.

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