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Assembling a suitcase is never an easy task, but I confess that on the journey through Carretera Austral the difficulty was much greater. I need to start by saying that this region does not have a very defined average temperature – some places are very hot and others are absurdly cold. And as if this thermal problem was not enough, it rains a lot!


As it was my first time there, I made a video showing my mistakes and successes in the suitcase. So that you don’t have to buy anything at the last minute and know what you need to take on the trip, I decided to put everything well explained here on the blog.


No use, there are some pieces that will always be in the suitcase. In addition to underwear, panties and tops, good sweatpants and super comfortable shirts are very welcome. As we spend many hours in the car, being in loose clothing is always the best option!
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To protect yourself from the rain

The raincoat is certainly an indispensable item on this trip. Do not even try to look for a cute model that doesn’t have a wide hood or that is shorter, to make this tour you’ll need long, wide pieces ?
You can also opt for a waterproof jacket. Following the same premise of the cover, the model needs to be very wide so that you can put several layers of clothing underneath!
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Waterproof pants
For the bottom, there are some great pants. I hadn’t even thought of taking waterproof pants when I went there, but in the middle of the trip I realized that it is a real necessity. The models are always very wide and easy to place in the middle of a trail, for example. In addition to being lightweight, these pants are extremely practical and can be easily carried in your backpack.
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Another super important point is the leggings. We women always have some options at home, but don’t even think about putting a cotton model in this suitcase, see? The pants on this trip need to be DryFit to dry fast! Nobody deserves to be cold with a pair of wet pants on a walk, right?
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To protect yourself from the cold

Thermal clothes now! Pants and a thermal blouse are mandatory items in Patagonia. The pieces are thin, light and take up almost no space in the suitcase. Investing in technological fabrics is always the best option.
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Windbreaker jackets
Fleece coats and jackets are also very important. Forget wool models and overweight jackets, on this trip the more practical, the better! We use the pieces of fabric under raincoats and waterproof jackets.
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Larger coats
Quiet jackets cannot be left out either. The “fatter” models from The North Face, for example, are great !! In addition to being extremely light pieces, they get too hot! As the temperature varies a lot during the day, having an easy-to-carry model is great!
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Winter accessories cannot be left out! Gloves, scarves, hats and even thermal socks (with quick drying) are great for everyday life. The pieces are tiny and make the biggest difference!
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Fresh clothes

As I said at the beginning of the post, the Carretera region does not have a defined temperature. We passed through hot regions and, for these occasions, shorts, shorts, skirts and tank tops were indispensable. As always, remember to look for DryFit clothes as they dry very quickly ?
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Running shoes will always be worth it! Choose the lightest and most comfortable model you can find, there’s no mistake!
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Waterproof boots
Of course, a good waterproof boot couldn’t be left out of that selection! As I commented in the video, the tighter models on the leg and heel are the best, as there is no water at all!
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Last but not least, a good suitcase makes all the difference. Do not take giant suitcases, but look for a very resistant model! I selected a few different models and even some options for those who are going to make a backpack ?
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