How to Make the Perfect Truffle?

How to Make the Perfect Truffle?

Who has ever had a hard time getting the texture of a truffle right? Despite being a simple preparation, many people still can’t get the point right so that the candy is easier to roll.
For this reason, we will give you five fundamental tips for you to prepare the perfect truffle! Oh, and don’t forget that this is a naturally more rustic recipe, so the ball doesn’t have to be super round ?

Keep an eye on the cream in the fridge

For the cream to be in the right consistency, it needs to be kept at a good temperature. Therefore, do not leave your refrigerator too cold before making the balls. In addition to the risk of the cream hardening too much, it can also eliminate some unwanted air bubbles.

The ambient temperature also influences

Another very common problem when curling truffles is the temperature of the environment. That is, it is useless to complain that ganache is melting if your kitchen is too hot.
The ideal, in these cases, is to invest in an air conditioner to control the temperature of the space. If you do not have this option, increase the amount of chocolate until you reach the desired texture.

Wash your hands constantly

If the cream is sticking too much to your hands, wash them in cold water! That way, the balls will not stick as much and it will be easier to do all the work.

Another way to make the truffle

How to Make the Perfect Truffle?
Whoever makes truffles in larger amounts or wants to streamline the whole process can bet on the icing tip! Use the nozzle 8 or 10 to make the balls come out bigger, making each one on a parchment paper. When the cream becomes too soft because of the heat of the hands, just leave it in the refrigerator for a while.
After these “nozzles” are already firmer, just roll them up quickly with your hands and bathe in the chocolate. Before making the balls it is worth placing the bowl or shape in the freezer for a few minutes!

Be careful when bathing the truffle

How to Make the Perfect Truffle?
Because it is very delicate, it is important that the ball is not melting. Because, she will still get a bath of warm chocolate.
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