How to mix prints?
How to mix prints

How to mix prints?

If there’s one thing I’m afraid of making mistakes, it’s coordinating prints! I’ve been researching how to make a nice mix and leave the look harmonious. I decided to show you the best tips I found to make you feel safer when mixing different types of prints.

Same color with different prints

same color

Photo 1 – The most beautiful thing / Photo 2 – Very dressed / Photo 3 – Vanilla and velvet

The same color makes our life a lot easier! If it’s the same tone, you can be sure that you won’t go wrong! I find it even easier when the pattern background is black or white. You can play in this combination that works!

Same print with different colors

same pattern

Photo 1 – Glitterinc / Photo 2 – Style State / Photo 3 – Sun Rainey

You can already see that it is more risky, right? Anyway, this pattern coordination helps a lot. If you are still afraid to go out like this, opt for similar tones or just with a different background (as in look 1). The polka dot print is also very easy to mix. Chess, as there are many variations, is more dangerous – prefer more basic accessories to complement.



Photo 1 – Lovin Blog / Photo 2 – Princess and Foulard / Photo 3 – Collage Vintage

Accessories can help a lot when mixing prints. Scarves, jewelry and colorful bags make the look much more relaxed and can completely change your clothes. They are versatile and great value for money, because you will certainly have many occasions to use them. Tip: Dare to combine several scarves and scarves (photo 2). There are thousands of variations and in the cold they make you much warmer!

Choose a theme

When you define an inspiration for your look, everything becomes much more practical. If you like a more feminine and delicate look, use prints of this type; if you love an ethnic footprint, opt for graphic and colorful prints… There are thousands of options and I separated some of the themes that I like the most to help you get inspired!

1 – Navy


Photo 1 – Pink Peonies / Photo 2 – The Other Emily / Photo 3 – The Life of a Lilly Lady

Navy blue, white, red and yellow. If you, like me, love looks in this style, this is the color palette you should follow. The stripes are classic, but they have many specific prints that refer to the sea: ropes, anchors, sailors, boats … There are many options that will help you a lot when showing the look.

2 – ethnic


Photo 1 – Tee Amo / Photo 2 – Teen Vogue / Photo 3 -Zsa Zsa Bellagio

Ethnic looks are in themselves very colorful and extravagant. What really defines the style is this mix of strong and usually large prints. In addition to prints, different fabrics and applications are also very common. The hottest shades like red, yellow and orange are essential! I love this mix of styles and I think there is no other style that allows so much boldness. It’s worth taking a chance!

3 – Animal


Photo 1 – Eating Sleep Wear / Photo 2 – Passarinho Style / Photo 3 – Eating Sleep Wear

Animal prints are true classics, but you don’t have to leave the house in a leopard-like jaguar style from head to toe! In addition to combining a lot with stripes and polka dots, the animal prints complement each other and you can join them in the same look! Choosing prints of the same animal in different shades is also a great option!

4 – Girl


Photo 1 – Anthropology / Photo 2 – West Coast of Capri / Photo 3 – Blog Mixes

The printed midis skirts are amazing! The piece is the great charm of romantic looks and there is a multitude of models for you to choose the one that best suits you. Polka dots, flowers and stripes are the most classic! Just follow the tips of the same colors or prints of different tones that the success will be guaranteed!

5 – Fun


Photo 1 – Stockholm Street Style / Photo 2 – Lovin Blog / Photo 3 – Who to wear

No rules! In these more relaxed looks it is much easier to take chances. There is no right or wrong; it’s your personality that counts! Do you like that striped espadrille, but are you in the mood for a blouse and a floral skirt? You can! Look at the photos I chose for you to get inspired and throw yourself into the mix of prints! Start using it on weekends for more informal events and when you least expect it, you will know what suits you best – and maybe even risk it at work?
Now just run to your wardrobe and mix pieces that you never dreamed of putting together!

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