How to Organize Your Cosmetics?

How to Organize Your Cosmetics?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a person passionate about organization and this is reflected in all aspects of my life: from calendars and planners to write down all my commitments to items that facilitate the organization of the home.
And how much smaller are the items that we need to organize, but desperate, after all, to lose or forget where you put it is quickly, right? That’s why I’m so careful with my accessories and, obviously, cosmetics – especially makeup.

How to Organize Your Cosmetics?

Photo: Kate La Vie

Although I already have a corner of my bathroom reserved exclusively for cosmetics and makeup, I know that many people need to find a way to organize these items in a small dressing table or even in drawers scattered around the room and shelves.
And there’s no reason to despair, after all, there are many ways to organize these products and I came to share my favorite ideas ?


How to Organize Your Cosmetics?

Photos: Shop Style via Pinterest and Ajax Blender via Pinterest

Glass may not be the most practical material on a daily basis, but if you love makeup and have to put it on top of a dressing table or even exposed in the decoration, these items are excellent allies. Not to mention that they are charming, right?


I think that every Virgo who loves makeup has this “dream” of finding furniture or loose niches, thinking specifically to organize each makeup item. Currently, there is no shortage of options on the market and I think they are excellent alternatives for those who have many products and need to view them easily.


How to Organize Your Cosmetics?

Photos: Vera Belle via Pinterest and Cosmopolitan UK

Any kind of compartment is welcome at this time and trays, tall cakes and even candy holders with 2 or more floors can be excellent additions to the decor.


Did you find the subtitle weird? I think from the last photo you can understand that even desk accessories like letter holders, pencil holders and even control handles can work to store some products. Is the first one that I mentioned perfect or not to organize your palettes? Larger and deeper baskets are great options for hair products ?


How to Organize Your Cosmetics?
1- Organizing Tray at Etna – R $ 49.99
2- Glass Box in the Yet Decor – R $ 159.00
3- Boleria at Americanas – R $ 81.60
4- Correspondence at Tok & Stok – R $ 59.00
5- Acrylic Organizer at Americanas – R $ 58.26
6- Terrarium at Casa Mind – R $ 199.00
7- Iter Laser Shop mirrored organizer at Elo7 – R $ 49.90
8- Hexagonal and Muma Tray – R $ 69.00
9- Woff Candy Dish at Mobly – R $ 169.90
10- Pasta for Tok & Stok – R $ 56.90

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