How to photograph pies
How to photograph pies

How to photograph pies

Fresh fruit pies are on my list of favorite things, both eating and photographing. I love sweets that balance the refreshing bitterness of some fruit.
As pies are traditionally covered with a braided pastry, the filling is hidden, and you can’t always tell what the pie is just by looking. When photographing them, making a composition with the fruit or ingredients of the filling is cool not only to create interesting and vivid color composition, but also to show the flavor and give the idea that the pie is fresh and made of ingredients really.
As my pies were made of apples, using the color circle that I showed in this post here, I chose a green flowery napkin, combining with the red apples and the tropical recipe.
The day was cloudy, but when it came time to treat the colors a little I tried to make the day look sunny, and for that I increased the saturation and brightness a little (but a little bit so my photo doesn’t get too artificial). Look at the difference that just doing these two things made:
Another idea to use in photos of this type is to use some leaflet, such as mint, for example, reinforcing the freshness of the fruit tart. Click here to check out delicious pie recipes. Then just venture out with the camera and utensils when it comes to putting together the perfect photo!

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