How to plan the week? Tips and reflections to have a happier routine

How to plan the week

There are many points to be explored when it comes to the subject. planning, routine and productivity. These questions usually appear in our minds at times when many ideas are popping up and, although fundamental to our organization, planning can seem even more difficult to work in this crazy routine. But while it requires calm and dedication, it is simpler than it looks.

The way is to start little by little, always, and why this post is focused on just how to plan the week, whatever it is. We give ample and basic indications for you to look at your routine and understand the best way to have a more practical and productive week (in the best sense of the word – understand more here).


The first thing to do is to reserve a time exclusively to do your week planning. Understand this pause as a single moment your, to look at you and your life. That way it’s easier to use those minutes to focus on your personal goals and what you want for the week.

How to plan the week? Tips and reflections to have a happier routine

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Usually the indications are for that day to be the Sunday, which is the day before many people start the week. However, know how to look at your routine and see what is the best time to plan. If you work on Sunday and are off on Monday, for example, maybe Monday is better for that. And in relation to schedule, it is better in the late afternoon / early evening, after all, you will have already taken advantage of the day off and will soon prepare for dinner, watch some series and sleep.

Don’t forget to repeat this break to plan every week, okay? Frequency is essential to making a behavior habit.


When planning, start thinking about what your goals and objectives are. life, year, month, week and day. Exactly in that order to understand how to plan the week. Try to reduce to projections closer to your present moment to choose the tasks that can be accomplished now.

One of the big problems in not meeting the famous “year-end goals” is that we often don’t stop to think about breaking up these big changes into small goals and actions. Seeing in the long run help a lot in this realization process.

How to plan the week? Tips and reflections to have a happier routine

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In a practical way, take a blank sheet or your notebook dedicated to this planning and list everything you want to do, without fear! Then look at that and (1) tire what you want to discard, (2) adjustment by priorities and (3) understand what all of this is at your fingertips now or later. Also, break down your desires for minor desires. Very practical and metaphorical example: if you want to renovate the house, first separate it by the rooms or the types of renovation (start with the living room or the walls).


It is important to understand that everything (exactly everything) that we do time consuming. For example, cleaning the kitchen can be as time consuming as writing a blog post or watching a movie. So this is the focus of that topic: put tasks into categories to see what we need to do and decide exactly how we are going to do it.

You see, this does not mean that you need to put your bathroom trip on the agenda. But it is essential to understand that all parts of your life (professional, leisure, personal projects and vital chores) are important and deserve attention when planning.

How to plan the week? Tips and reflections to have a happier routine

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To do this in a practical way, perform the same way, starting from the largest to the smallest: routine tasks, Like essential that only you can do and, finally, the ones that we always forget: that give pleasure or and help with self-care.

Routines are basic things in life that need to be done one way or another – and, yes, they take time (eating, showering, cleaning the house …). The essentials are fundamental for the routine to work: going to class, delivering a project, working. And pleasure or self-care can be watching a movie, doing yoga, reading a book to relax, talking to someone. Of course, these are not standard definitions, so be free to create other developments within that – just be careful not to get confused.

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Now it’s time for the “guide” on how to plan the week to “draw” your paper on paper map of the week. Take your diary, blank paper or notebook and make, in the way that suits you, a weekly table. Put everything you want (and know you’ll get) into it every day.

How to plan the week? Tips and reflections to have a happier routine

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Take into account the time you think (or know) it will take you to do each task. Writing a project X: 6 hours. Distribute over the days according to your availability and delivery time. Also remember to leave spaces empty or filled with leisure activities “little programmed” and balance the types of tasks.

A great tip at this point is to block tasks with similar characteristics. Instead of having a meeting in the morning and another in the late afternoon, try to do it at the same time. This is because you will already be focused on that type of task and it usually works better. The same goes for if you have activities outside the office or at home: prefer to do them all in one period.


Throughout the week, every day, check your schedule and mark what you have accomplished and what changes you need to make. Understand that it is not always possible to set the time you set for a task (with practice this improves a lot) or that other priorities and urgencies emerged during the day.

How to plan the week? Tips and reflections to have a happier routine
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So, distribute again if necessary, add new tasks or send some to the next week if you notice that the weather is very tight. In the beginning it will be time for many tests and changes – relax!


That done, it’s time to understand the best schedule to do all the things you’ve scheduled, including checking the schedule. According to Ayurveda, the best routine is based on sunshine: waking up as close to dawn, performing more bodily or intense activities in the morning, socializing and being more creative in the afternoon and at dusk start preparing for relaxation. Finally, it is essential to sleep early.

How to plan the week? Tips and reflections to have a happier routine

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However, despite being an excellent idea, may not work for everyone. Look at your routine and practice the self knowledge to understand what is the best time to perform each task. Sometimes we are not in control of our work routine and the meeting to socialize can happen early. Control what is controllable and don’t forget to respect your limits, the necessary rest time and your wishes. Being a productive person is doing what makes sense to you ?


Now tell us here in the comments if you would like more posts with content like this. Who knows one about time management techniques… What do you think?

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